CL23B (MEC) 102J100V Box Type Capacitor / film capacitor 102j 100v

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Product Overview


CL23B (MEC) 102J100V Box Type Capacitor / film capacitor 102j 100v


* Product Details:

film capacitor 102j 100v

Type: CL23B

Model: 102J100V

Material: Metallized Polyester Film

Capacity: 0.0010uF

Rated voltage: 100V

Pitch: 5mm

Thickness: 2.5mm/3.5

Capacitance tolerance: ±5% ( J )

Color: blue, red, yellow, grey

Printing: oil printing 

Packing:  in tape


* Outline Drawing:


* Product Fetures:

Wound with metallized polyester film, high self-healing effect, high temperature, some small capacity can be usedin series  film, high voltage, high temperature wax seal, flame retardant liquid epoxy potting, high reliability, minimalerror,, stable outlookmoisture resistant, low noise, appearance and good consistency.


* Usage:

This product is used for DC low pulse portionof occasions, widely used in amplifier,TV, communications, power supply and other products requiring high reliability circuit.


* Specification: 

Climatic category


Rated Voltage

63V , 100V , 250V,400V,630V

Capacitance range

0.0010~1.5 μF

Withstand Voltage

1.6 UR

Insulation resistance

≥3 000MΩ, CR≤0.33μF

≥1 000S, CR>0.33μF

(20℃, 1min)

Dissipation Factor

0.008(1KHZ 23℃)


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* About ZZEC

Guangzhou Zhongzheng Electronic Development Co., LTD is a dedicated metallized film capacitor manufacturer, established in 2007. We have established an industry zone which area is nearly more than 10000 square meters and annual production of about 1 billion film capacitors production and supply capacity. We have passed the “ROHS” test of ISO9001 quality management system certification. Our main products include the metallized polyester film capacitor (CL21), metallized polypropylene film capacitor (CBB21), box-type metallized polypropylene film capacitor (CBB21B), box-type subminiature metallized polyester film capacitor (CL23B), axial metallized polyester film capacitor (CL20), axial metallized polypropylene film capacitor (CBB20) and RC components, miniaturization of safety and other series products. Above product series, we can do the 5mm pitch products, which is advantage products in China.


Business philosophy: Quality first, customer first

Service tenet: Honesty, efficiency, innovation

Strategic objectives: professional manufacture subminiature, high precision, high quality capacitor experts




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