turnaround food box washing machinery/aquatic product plastic crate washer/automatic tunnel plastic pallet cleaning machine

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 turnaround food box washing machinery/aquatic product plastic crate washer/automatic  tunnel plastic pallet cleaning machine

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 plastic turnover box fully automatic high-pressure water flow cleaning machine is a chain belt through the high-pressure spray cleaning machine, using a special belt transmission transmission workpiece, with cleaning, washing, water exchange, drying and other functions of the novel continuous cleaning equipment.
The manual transfer box is placed on the transmission belt, and the material is discharged after the process of oil removal, washing, drying and other processes is completed through the cleaning room, spray drier room, drying room, and drying room. The cleaning liquid can be recycled after purification, and the mist in the upper cover is discharged into the total exhaust pipe after being extracted by the fog suction fan.


 The basket washing machine has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used in the meat processing industry, catering industry, poultry slaughterhouse, aquaculture industry, large-scale supermarkets, etc.. It is suitable for various types of swing baskets, plastic baskets, stainless steel plates, plastic plates, frozen plates, and food dishes., cleaning of food molds. Can also be used to wash very dirty chocolate tray, hardware industry can be used for cleaning processing parts.
According to the customer's requirements and the shape of different baskets, we can make different equipment plans according to different requirements, so as to achieve the best cleaning effect for the product.


1adopt frequency conversion speed control motor, meet the requirements of different production volume of the gearbox cleaning.
2water tanks are used horizontal stainless steel centrifugal pump cycle spray cleaning
3cleaning the nozzle three-dimensional four-orientation installation structure, cold and hot water cleaning, so that the cleaning is more thorough, each nozzle pipe can be achieved without tools to disassemble, easy to operate. Workers clean up the no-death zone every shift. Swing nozzle cleaning system and detachable nozzles without using any tool. The direction of the nozzle is adjusted 360 degrees to achieve the cleaning effect of the basket;
4 Each water tank is equipped with a filtration device(the internal filtration device is three-layer filtration) to facilitate the cleaning of stolen goods at any time.
5design a clean water spraying system to achieve the ideal cleaning effect.
6 unique track plus hook design, the transmission guide bar can be adjusted, can be suitable for similar various sizes of equipment cleaning; Make the swing box run more smoothly, and the sides of the gear can be adjusted according to the width of the box.
7the main part of the shell is detachable, all the pipes and joints can be used to change the design of the connector to achieve no tool disassembly to facilitate sanitary cleaning no dead angle.
8the net belt every 25 mm, plus a diameter of 10 mm stainless steel support shaft.
9all the water tanks of this machine are equipped with a sliding design, all water tanks can be extracted separately cleaning equipment hygiene, easy to operate cleaning.
10The cleaning section is divided into four sections: cleaning agent or alkali cleaning(with heating), two sections are hot water washing, and the third section is clean water cleaning(disinfectant can be added);
Note: The replacement time for each clean water or how much water to add. The results should be based on the product and customer field tests.
The efficiency of the conventional cleaning basket is 500 / H(depending on the degree of mess in the customer's basket)
12the equipment has low energy consumption, high production efficiency, good cleaning effect, simple maintenance, easy to install, save manpower and other characteristics, if customer has special requirements ,can add surface drying, drying treatment; also Can be added disinfection section.

input → Sprinkling Oil Removal → Sprinkling Rinsing → Secondary Sprinkling Rinsing → Wind Cutting Water → Drying → Discharge(process optional)






Working height


Baskets specification(customer offer)


Equipment working

Frequency conversion speed regulation

 water pressure


 water consumption


 steam consumption


 total power



6100*1500*1700mm(regular one)

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