Hexagonal boron nitride powder BN nanoparticle Chinese manufacturer

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Product Overview


Hexagonal boron nitride powder BN nanoparticle Chinese manufacturer


Boron nitride Hexagonal BN powder specification:

Particle size: 100-200nm,500nm, 800nm,1um,5um

Purity: 99%

MOQ: 1kg or 100g

Package: 100g, 500g, 1kg per bag, 20kg per barrel, or as required


Physicochemical property of boron nitride hexagonal BN powder:


1. The texture of Boron Nitride hexagonal powder BN is soft and smooth, and many of its properties are similar to graphite, so it is known as white graphite

2. Hexagonal Boron Nitride is with good lubrication, good corrosion resistance and good thermal conductivity.

3. BN Chemical properties is stable, the product has a high moisture resistant, used in the nitrogen or argon, the temperature can reach 2800 ℃.

4. Boron Nitride hexagonal powder BN not only has low coefficient of thermal expansion, but also has high thermal conductivity. It is good conductor of heat and typical electrical insulator.

5. The thermal conductivity of BN Hexagonal Boron Nitride is 730w/mk measured with high purity single crystal at 300k.



Application of nano boron nitride:

1. Special electrolysis and resistance materials at high temperature;


2. Solid lubricant, used as high temperature lubricant and demoulding agent of various models.


3. Heat seal desiccant of transistors and additives of polymers such as plastic resin;


4. Boron nitride hexagonal products of various shapes, can be used for high temperature, high pressure, insulation and heat dissipation components. The moulded boron nitride can be used to make high-temperature crucible and other products. It can be used as super hard material, suitable for geological exploration, oil drilling bit and high-speed cutting tool.


5. Heat shielding materials in aerospace. Hexagonal Boron Nitride is widely used as insulatorsin of high voltage high frequency electric and plasma arc, coatings of automatic welding high temperature resistant frame, high frequency induction furnace materials, semiconductor solid admixture, the structure materials of the atomic reactor, packaging materials to prevent neutron radiation, radar transmission windows, radar antenna medium and rocket engine  etc.


6. In the presence of contact agent, BN hexagonal powder can be transformed into hard diamond-like cubic boron nitride through high-temperature and high-pressure treatment. It can be used as grinding material for metal processing, with low surface temperature and less surface defects.


7. Boron nitride can also be used as additive of various materials. Boron nitride fiber, made of boron nitride, is a medium modulus high function fiber, is an inorganic synthetic engineering material, which can be widely used in chemical industry, textile industry, aerospace technology and other cutting-edge industry.




Packaging & Shipping

1. Our package is very strong and safe. BN powder is packed in bags or barrel, 100g,  500g, 1kg per bag, or 20kg per barrel, we can also pack as your requirement;


2. Shipping methods: Fedex, DHL, TNT, EMS etc; It mostly takes about 4-7 business days on the way;


3. Shipping date: Small quantity can be shipped out within 2-3 day, for large quantity, please send us an inquiry, then we will check stock and lead time for you.


Below is one picture of our packing methods:


Company Information

Guangzhou Hongwu Material Techology Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of nano materials since 2002, with brand HW NANO. The factory and R&D center is located in Jiangsu province. We are focus on manufacturing, research, development and processing of nanopowders, micron powders, nano dispersion/ solution, nanowires. With wide product range.


Our company can provide our customers high quality nanoparticles and micron size particles, the materials include:

1. Elements: Ag ,Au, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru,Ge, Al, Zn, Cu, Ni, Ti, Sn, W, Ta, Nb, Fe, Co, Cr, B, Si, B and metal alloy.
2. Oxides: Al2O3, CuO, SiO2, TiO2, Fe3O4, ATO,ITO, WO3, ZnO, SnO2, MgO, ZrO2, AZO,Y2O3, NIO,BI2O3,IN2O3.
3. Carbides: TiC, WC, WC-CO.
4. SiC Whisker/Powder.
5. Nitrides: AlN, TiN, Si3N4, BN.
6. Carbon Products: Carbon Nanotubes ( SWCNT, DWCNT, MWCNT), Diamond Powder, Graphite Powder, Graphene, Carbon Nanohorn, fullerene,etc.
7. Nanowires: silver nanowires, copper nanowires, ZnO nanowires,nickel coated copper nanowires
8. Hydrides: zriconium hidride powder, titanium hydride powder.


If you are looking for related products that are not in our product list yet, our experienced and dedicated team is ready for help. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



Why choose us

1.100% factory manufacture and factory direct sales. 

2. Competitive price and quality guaranteed.

3. Small and mix order is ok.

4. Customized service is available.

5. Different demension of the product can be choosen, wide product range.

6. Strict selecting of raw materials.

7. Flexible particle size, provide SEM, TEM, COA, XRD, etc.

8. Uniform particle size distribution.

9. Worldwide Shipping, fast shipment.

10. Quick delivery for sample.

11. Free Consultation. Contact our sales team to see how we can help you save a lot of money.

12. Great after-sales service.




Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you draw up a quote/proforma invoice for me?
Yes, our sales team can provide official quotes/ proforma invoice to you. 

2. How do you ship my order? Can you ship “freight collect”?
We can ship your order through Fedex, TNT, DHL, or EMS on your account or prepayment. We also ship "freight collect" against your account. 

3. Do you accept purchase orders?
We accept purchase orders from customers that have a credit history with us, you can fax, or email the purchase order to us. 

4. How can I pay for my order?
About the payment, we accept Telegraphic Transfer, Western Union and PayPal. L/C is only for above 50000USD deal. 

5. Are there any other costs?
Beyond product costs and shipping costs, we do not charge any fees.

6. Can you customize a product for me?
Of course. If there is a nanoparticle that we do not have in stock, then yes, it is generally possible for us to get it produced for you. However, it usually requires a minimum of quantities ordered, and about 1-2 weeks lead time. 

7. Others.
According to every specific orders, we will discuss with customer about the suitable payment method, cooperate with each other to better complete the transportation and related transactions.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us emails, we will reply you timely, thanks!

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