Mochi Production Line/ Mochi Maker/ Mochi Making Machine

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Product Overview



Mochi Production Line/ Mochi Maker/ Mochi Making Machine 


Production scope

1. The machine is suitable for processing rod-shaped, continuous rod-shaped, triangular and other geometric shapes.

A variety of fillings that can be molded into fillings. Such as moon cake, crystal fruit, jujube cake, pineapple cake, bean paste bag, egg yolk cake, dumplings, meatballs and so on.

2. The design of forming toll is reasonable, which can cut out of the product with beautiful apperance.

3. The thickness ratio of skin and filling and the production speed can be adjusted within the specified range.


Structural features

1. The machine adopts double stranded dragon for surface and sink feeding, which ensures stable delivery.

2. The skin filling operation pressure is small, which can keep the oil inside the skin depression, after baking back to the oil quickly with bright color, good taste, which is as hand-wrapped type.

3. The adjustment of dough volume and filling volume is using imported frequency converter control, which can achieve the adjustment of a variety of dough and filling.

Technical data of the mochi making machine





60-150 pcs/min

End product weight



1.3 kw


900*1000*1400 mm


320 kg


Photos of the mochi making machine



 encrusting machine 1.jpgencrusting machine 2..jpgencrusting machine 3.jpg




End products photos 



 end products 1.jpgend products 2.jpgend products 4.jpgend products 5.jpgend products 3.jpg






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