1.5d 38mm bosilun staple fiber similar as acrylic fiber modified polyester fiber (60866059250)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Bosilun Staple Fiber

Bosilun fiber substitutes for Acrylic fiber one kind of environmental protection textile fiber, the bosilun fiber does not agglomerate, is the current substitution Acrylic fiber outstanding material. 40-65 degree star dyeing, 95~100 degree of dyeing surpass 95% in the textile fiber color time are slightly quicker than Acrylic fiber.

Bosilun fiber is mainly used in clothing lining, knit goods, plush silk, rug, wool blanket; woolen yarn, snow Neil, man-made fur and so on productions.

Property of Bosilun Fiber:
1. It is dyed in normal temperature and normal pressure, dark colordyeing is guaranteed.

2. At temperature 40 centigrade, the fiber begins to pick up the color. At 95-100 centigrade, the pickup rate reaches more  than 95% , the color fastness is better than other normal fiber.
3. Fiber color pickup is a little faster than acrylic fiber.
4. Good elasticity and better woolly feel.
5. Boling water shrinkage can be controlled within range 1% -40%.
6. Clients have more option to choose, the regular type and profiled type (hollow, trilobal, flat).
7. Anti-static and anti-peeling.

Advantage of Bosilun Fiber:
1. Its skin affinity is super to other fiber.
2. It can be blended with wool, the burned blended yarn will not result in blocks if the Bosilun composition below 28% (acrylic and wool blended will result in blocks after burned if the acrylic reach 18%).
3. After burned, the residue is carbon ash same as the burned feather and natural fiber.
4. After dyeing. In the surface of fiber, there appear a lot of micropore have same performance as wool squama with function of absorbability.
5. It is a kind of environmental friendly fiber, its dyeing can match EEC Environmental standard.
6. It has no harm material to the human body.
7. It has property of both normal and functional fiber.
8. It has more specification and cross section to choose for different application.
9. Low cost, the cost to produce Bosilun is quite lower than Acrylic fiber and it is the good substitute of acrylic fiber.

Product Type:
Bosilun staple fiber
Cutting length:
38mm, 51mm, 64mm, 76mm, 102mm
A (Virgin)
raw white
Packing & Delivery
Company Profile

Wujiang RH Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd is professional manufacture of polyester fibers for more than 10 years.

We have experienced R&D team for specialty/innovative fibers, so we can customize production as client's specific requirements.

Our main products as below:
1. Recycled polyester fiber, 1.5D-120D, raw white, and dope dyed colors
2. Specialty/functional polyester fibers, such as: low melt, antibacterial, anti-uv, flame retardant, moisture-wicking, bamboo charcoal, bosilun fiber(modified polyester). 
3. Biobased PLA fiber


1. What does your company produce?

Polyester fiber and Specialty fibres 

2. What's the market for your products?

Our fibers are exported to many countries, such as India, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Albania, Brazil etc. 

3. How does your factory do regarding quality control?

Quality is priority. We attach great importance on quality to keep long-term business with each customer.

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