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Glutinous rice flour (, nuo mi fen) is made from glutinous rice (also called sticky rice or sweet rice).
Glutinous rice flour is commonly used in Chinese desserts and snacks. Examples include, tangyuan (boiled glutinous rice balls filled with sesame paste), fried glutinous rice ball dumplings, and glutinous rice cakes with red bean paste.
Dough made from glutinous rice flour becomes sticky in texture when heated. Although called glutinous flour, it is actually gluten free. However, if you are gluten intolerant, you should look for the variety specifically labeled as gluten free.
When you shop for glutinous rice flour (also called sweet rice flour), make sure you choose the type that is milled from long grain sweet rice, as this is for grilling and baking. The texture is stiff and will form a very crispy surface when heated. The type made from short grain rice is also called mochiko and is often used to make cold desserts, such as Japanese mochi. A package of flour labeled "glutinous rice flour" could be made from long grain or short grain rice. Pay extra attention to this detail when you shop for it.


Sticky rice and sweet rice are alternative names often used for glutinous rice. "Glutinous" refers to the glue-like quality that results from the lack of amylose, which is one of two primary components that make up the starches normally found in rice. When you cook it properly, it's sticky enough to be pressed into shapes. One cup of cooked glutinous rice is fat-free, has 169 calories and 3.5 grams of protein. It contains 35 grams of starch, or complex carbohydrates, which means it provides 27 percent of a woman's recommended daily intake..

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Viet Delta Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, has built a close relationship with local farmers, producing agricultural products for export, wholesale and supermarket chains of the best quality and products. Special products of Vietnam. Main products include:
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+ Raw materials for animal feed
- For nearly 10 years of manufacturing, distributing and exporting products, Viet Delta has experience to meet your needs. Viet Delta's products have been exported worldwide: China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Turkey, India, Egypt. , South Africa, Algeria, Paraguay, Uruguay, United States, Australia, Malaysia, ..
- Viet Delta is currently a member of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), a member of Vietnam Food Association (VFA), a member of the Vietnam Fruit Association (Vinafruit), Coconut Association Ben tre.
- With a professional staff, with modern machinery and equipment, Viet Delta is committed to providing quality products at competitive prices. Look forward to the cooperation of customers!

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