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Liquid  Molasses

Molasses is a liquid by-product of the sugar industry, and may come from sugar cane, corn, sugar beets and even wood. Liquid molasses is combined with an absorbent carrier material, such as soybean hulls, then dried. The result is easier to transport and use as a feed ingredient than the original wet molasses. Farmers may also purchase wet molasses by the drum and provide it in open troughs.

Total sugar content as glucose
47% min
Reducing sugar content as glucose
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Packing & Delivery
In flexibag , 20 metric tons per flexibag/cont 20ft


- In wastewater treatment: Nutritional sources supplement for microorganisms in the process of aerobic treatment in poorly treated industrial wastewater treatment systems.

- In the food industry: Making fermentation materials for rum production; Used in the manufacture of some special dark beers; Used to create incense for cigarettes; Used to supplement iron for these mineral intolerant subjects in supplemental iron tablets; Additives in animal feed processing; Used as bait for fishing.

- In the chemical industry: A source of carbon in some industries; Bleached with magnesium chloride and used as an anti-ice agent; Producing ethyl alcohol used as engine fuel.

- In industry: Making chelating agents; Used in brick production; Mixed with glue for use in printing industry.

- In agriculture: Add to the soil to increase the biological activity of the soil; Used in hydroponics to provide nutrients for plants, including carbohydrates that are the main constituents of plant cells and plants that can be used as quickly as deoxyribose, lyxose, ribose, xylulose and xylose.

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