Hampool 12 10 AWG Yellow PVC Cold Pre Insulated emi insulted Piggy Back Spade Quick Splice Male Female Terminal

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Property Specification Requirement Test Method Typical Value
Tensile strength(Room temp.) Min.10.4Mpa UL224 17.2Mpa
Elongation at break(Room temp.) Min.200% UL224 280%
Tensile strength after aging(158℃ 168hrs) Min.7.3Mpa UL224 11.5Mpa
Elongation after aging(158℃ 168hrs) Min.100% UL224 200%
Voltage withstand(Uh-aged) Withstand 2.5kv for 1 minute and breakdown UL224 pass
Voltage withstand(Aged) Withstand at least half of un-aged breakdown 
voltage for 1 minute and breakdown
UL224 pass
Copper corrosion(158℃ 168hrs) No corrosion of bare copper UL224 No sign of deg.
Copper stabiity(158℃ 168hrs) No sign of degradation (min.elongation 100%) UL224 pass
Cold blend(-30℃ 1hrs) No crack UL224 pass
Maximum secant modulus(2%) 173Mpa UL224 pass
Volume resistivity Min.1014Ω.m UL224 pass
Heat shock(250℃ 4hrs) No crack ASTM D2671 pass

Dielectric strength

>15.8kv/mm ASTM D2671 >25kv/mm


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