Iron powder with high iron content sold directly in factories

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Iron powder with high iron content sold directly in factories

Reduced Iron Powder,also known as direct reduced iron sponge, using high-quality ore, the use of oxidation-reduction reaction principle, in addition to sediment through the filter approach to exclude, for pipes, the boiler and recycled water dissolved oxygen corrosion by water dissolved oxygen content of water up to 0.05mg / L or less. Having low backwash frequency, high compressive strength, not powder, not compacted, large surface area. High activity, good regeneration effect and so on.
Sponge iron : Metal iron accounts for more than 90% of total iron and can be directly used for steelmaking; less than 90% is used for blast furnace or electric furnace ironmaking. Sponge iron, sulfur, phosphorus and other harmful impurities and non-ferrous metal content is conducive to the electric furnace smelting high-quality steel. More than 97% iron content also belongs to sponge iron.


1.Heat pack;
2.Welding rod making;
3.As Catalyzer for Noble metal reduction, alloy additive, Copper replacement, etc..
4.Stainless steel cutting
5.Making car Brake.
6.Diamond tool production
7.As Sponge iron deoxidizer.
8.Magnetic mask.

Iron Powder
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Magnet Powder: Magnetite content 95%, Iron content 60%.
Ordinary iron powder: magnetic content 5%, iron content 90-95%

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25kg/bag, or according to customer requirements.

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