Cocodiethanolamide CDE/CDEA thickener (62010918373)

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Product Overview


Product Description
ParameterSpecificationTypical Value
AppearanceYellow LiquidYellow Liquid
Free Amine, %7 Max4.6
Water, %0.5 Max0.09
pH (2% Solution)9-1210.4
*Glycerol, %10 Max2.1
*Amide Content, %85 Min91.4
*Ionic NatureNon-ionicNon-ionic


Application and Incorporation

Suria CDE 6501 is a liquid, easily processible alkanolamide having a faint odour. It allows a considerable improvement of many properties of washing active substances relating to application technology. Suria cde 6501 is an additive, a conditioner, solubilizer, emulsifier and viscosity-regulating product for washing active substances.

Suria CDE 6501 in water forms opaque to slightly cloudy solutions, whereas in solutions of the different classes of surfactants it is clearly soluble up to relatively high concentrations. Suria CDE 6501 is easily soluble in lower and higher alcohols. Suria CDE 6501 is soluble or miscible in fatty oils and fatty esters (oily components), depending on the type of oil on the amount of the Suria CDE 6501 used. The particular characteristics of Suria CDE 6501 is its ability to increase the viscosity of surfactant formulations, especially in combination with fatty alcohol ether sulphates. Even very small additions of Suria CDE 6501 often suffice to improve the thickening by common salt.

Furthermore, Suria CDE 6501 allows to exercise a positive influence on the application properties of liquid and pasty cleansing agents for cosmetic and technical field, for instance by:


i) improving the washing and cleansing actions

ii) increasing the foam holding properties with high fat loads (foam booster effects)

iii) increasing solubility of oily components and perfumed bath oils in surfactant solutions

iv) increasing the emulsion resistance

v) improving the skin feeling or the feel of hair


Due to its special characteristics, SURIA CDE 6501 has numerous fields of application. For example,
it can be used as a quality-improving additive in formulations of

  • dishwashing liquid
  • detergent preparations
  • household products
  • industrial cleaning

In these product preparations SURIA CDE 6501 is used at 3 – 5%, in relation to the final product. In special cases SURIA CDE 6501 can also be used in greater amounts.


The final shampoo or dish wash must be neutral or slightly alkaline (pH 6.5 to 7.5) otherwise the
maximum thickening will not be obtained and the solution may become cloudy. Under the conditions recommended, SURIA CDE 6501 gives clear transparent solutions and will not cause itching when

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