Shine and Protection Automotive Metal Cleaner and Brightener Car detailing Product Made In Taiwan (62017642953)

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Product Overview


Product Description

This Chrome Restorer, rich and easy-to-use. Gently deep cleans and brightens chrome bumpers, wheels, trim and accessories. Advanced polymers help protect against fingerprints, spotting, rust and corrosion. Mothers Chrome Polish will not streak, scratch or smear.Chrome restorer02-1.jpg

Before & After

 Chrome restorer ba.jpg

Product Features


1.Special polished microparticles
2.Easily to remove the oxidized chromium coating
3.Delicate, tidy and smooth
4.Chrome rims and motorcycles can also be used to restore the original gloss
5.The grill, door handle and other places can restore the gloss like mirror after use
6.Add special cleaner to penetrate the dirt on the metal and remove it

Pain Point

The disadvantage of chrome parts is that they are easy to oxidize, and once oxidized, the surface color of the parts will become rusty, yellow, and dull.
The current rainwater is basically weakly acidic. It is well known that acidic substances are corrosive. After heavy rain, they are violently illuminated by sunlight. The chrome parts of the car are easily damaged by oxidation under these caonditions for a long time. After oxidation, a layer of dirt that is difficult to clean is produced on the surface. Because the surface is a bright silver glossy surface, once there is dirt or scratched, it is easy to see.Chrome restorer painpoint.jpg


 Chrome Tec03.jpg

How To Use


1.Take out the appropriate amount and place on a cloth

2.Rub on the surface

3.Wipe clean with another cloth. Restore the original gloss.Chrome how to use 05.jpg

Packaging & Shipping

 750 300


*If accidentally touch eyes, flush with plenty of water at a low flow rate and seek medical assitance at once. Do not rub the eyes to prevent another damage.       
*Do not swallow.
*Please keep out of reach of children.
*Test inconspicuous area before use to check compatibility.

*Please do not rub excessively on the electroplated surface (such as chrome plating).

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