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Product Posting & Ranking Optimization Is The Product of IMPEXPO Business Internationals

Professional Content Writing Services
Content Writing has become the most important requirement of every business. It is the essential part of the Digital marketing and Social Media marketing campaigns. Every business has developed their own company Websites and they are required to hire writers to create articles and web content on regular basis. There is regular need of fresh attractive updated content both for the Websites and for online marketing campaigns through Search Engines and through Social media marketing.
Impexpo Tech Bussiness Gurus are offering the high quality professional Content Writing Services. The Content writing experienced Professionals are reproducing high quality content at very reasonable cheap prices. Our SEO friendly keywords based Content is successfully boosting the business of our International Clients and helping their websites ranked higher in the search engines.
Our Content Writing Services include writing Articles, Reports, Research, Marketing materials etc. on various topics. We will provide you all type of assistance related to Writing or editing (any level).

Avail the Great Opportunities of the best Content Writing Services at low prices.

Prices: Starting from 5 USD for 1 Page (250 words)
--Save Your Costly time and Money

--Enjoy the Perfect Service and the best quality of work

We value every Client...!

Our Services

We Will Help you to start your business on

1) Start your Own Business

2) Boost Your Sales and Business activities
3) Alibaba Account Management Services
4) Alibaba Product Posting Services
5) Alibaba Product Posting and Product Optimization Services
6) Are You creating Unique Products or Offering Unique Services
7) Content Writing Services

8) Chineese Translation Services
9) Digital Marketing and SEO Services
10) Social Media Marketing Services
11) Web Development Services
12) Build E-Commerce Websites
13) Create your Own Online Shop
14) You tube Channel Marketing Services
15) Graphic Designing Services


Content Writing Rates by Project
1) Advertising/copywriting mail pieces (no graphics): $300 to $3,000+
2) Advertising/copywriting sales letter: $150 to $2,000
3) Articles (news, or with significant research, web-based): $15 to $50 per page

4) Articles (magazines): $100 to $5,000+
5) Articles (content/keyword): $5 to $50
6) Articles (newspapers): $75 to $1,000
7) Books (ghostwriting): $25 to $80 per page, $5,000 to $20,000+
8) Book Reviews: $2 to $100
9) Book summaries: $250 to $500 per book
10) Brochures (no graphics work): $300 to $2,500
11) Business plans: $500 to $5,000+
12) Editorial management (magazine/per issue): $500 to $5,000
13) Grant writing: $200 to $5,000+
14) Newsletters: $200 to $1,000
15) Press releases: $200 to $500
16) Resumes: $200 to $500

17) Scripts: $1,000 to $20,000+

 Writing Rates by the Hour

18) Advertising copywriting: $45-$100/hr
19) Copyediting: $30-$70/hr
20) Developmental editing: $50-$80/hr
21) Editorial on call: $20-$150/hr

22) Fact checking: $15-$50/hr
23) Ghostwriting: $40-$100/hr

24) Indexing: $30-$70/hr
25) Line editing: $40-$70/hr
26) Proofreading: $25-$60/hr
27) Proposals and grants: $40-$80/hr
28) Tech editing: $30-$90/hr
29) Technical writing: $40-$100/hr
30) Web content :$10-$90/hr
31) White papers: $100-$200/hr

Writing Rates by the Page

32) E-books: $10-$35 per page
33) Indexing: $3 to $6 per page

34) Lesson plans: $10-$20 per page
35) Writing Upcharges and Down Payments

Upcharge for rush
Upcharge for keyword stuffing
Down payment: for companies and publishers & for individuals/authors

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