SSFD Shock Absorber Caster Spring Loaded Wheels PU on Cast Iron (62024023571)

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SSFD Industrial Shock Absorber Spring Loaded Caster Wheels PU on Cast Iron 

Product Description

SSFD Industrial Shock Absorber Spring Loaded Caster Wheels PU on Cast Iron 

Dampen and isolate shocks and vibration from rough surfaces to protect cargo or contents in a cart or equipment.

Crowned polyurethane tread chemically bonded to a solid heavy-duty cast iron core.  Excellent performance on debris littered floor. Crowned tread with standard precision bearing reduces effort needed to move and turn equipment .

Spring loaded casters offer many benefits:These include protecting delicate cargo from shock and vibration, reducing noise levels, reducing wear on floors and extending caster, wheel and bearing life. The legs are slotted such that the axle "floats" up and down as the wheel encounters obstacles. Since the spring is pre-loaded, the minimum capacity is required to cause the spring to yield. (a load under the minimum capacity may not result in any absorption of shock.) At the maximum capacity, the spring will have compressed approximately one-half of its length. Overloading a shock-absorbing caster will cause the axle to reach its travel limit, resulting in no shock absorbing benefit. Sprung heavy duty swivel and fixed castors with spring damping for exceptional operating comfort even at higher speeds. These casters can be easily modified to accommodate many custom specification requirements. Our engineering department will assist you if you have special application issues. 

If you don't see what you want, STARDRAWING's engineering team can custom design a caster for any application!

Main Features

1)Crowned polyurethane tread chemically bonded to a solid heavy-duty cast iron core
2)Variety of bearing options for optimal performance at different applications
3)Various tread colors for your choice
4)Durometer: Shore A 95 (+/-5)
5)Temperature range: -40°F to 180°F
6)Unique Crown profile design on the wheel core
7)Double spring loaded mechanism, stronger shock absorb ability

Wheel Dia.

Tread Width

Top Plate Size

Bolt Hole Pattern

Load Capacity



SSFD Industrial Shock Absorber Spring Loaded Caster Wheels PU on Cast Iron is ideal for diagnostic and electrical equipment, tow line application, institutional and laboratory equipment and stands, medical equipment and carts, mobile workstations, computer main frames and towers, , packaging equipment, sound and lighting equipment, ground support equipment, assembly line dollies, mobile storage racks and many other extreme heavy duty applications.

About Stardrawing

Our experience and passionate research and developing team has the industrial design experience of more than 12 years on average. We work at the space framework composed by the line, arc, and dip angle with the care and precision of a sculptor. We pursue the perfect combination of difference aesthetics and practical value, making our products the engine of our efficiency.

We have our strong marketing team, who can not only meet the customization requirements of customers from different places in China, South Korea and Japan, but also concentrate on the market trend of the caster consuming market in America, Europe and many other countries, develop the individualized original product for the customer according to his or her preference and the trend, so that our customers can seize the first opportunity in market competition.

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