Bset price 20 ton hydraulic bottle jack for sale

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Price:RUB 1,147.66 - RUB 1,300.68
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Product Overview


Product Character


Name of goods Model Capacity Min.h Lifting.h Screw.h Max.h Pcs PKG
Bottle Jack T20402 2 148 80 50 278 10 Color Box
T20402B 2 148 80 50 278 6 Blow Case
Bottle Jack T20404 3 or 4 180 110 50 340 5 Color Box
T20404B 3 or 4 180 110 50 340 6 Blow Case
Bottle Jack T20406 5 or 6 185 110 60 355 5 Color Box
T20406B 5 or 6 185 110 60 355 4 Blow Case
Bottle Jack T20108 8 200 125 60 385 4 Color Box
T20108B 8 200 125 60 385 4 Blow Case
Bottle Jack T20410 10 200 125 60 385 4 Color Box
T20410B 10 200 125 60 385 4 Blow Case
Bottle Jack T20412 12 210 125 60 395 2 Color Box
Bottle Jack T20416 15 or 16 225 140 60 425 2 Color Box
Bottle Jack T20420 20 235 145 60 440 2 Color Box
Bottle Jack T20432 30 or 32 255 150 / 405 2 Color Box
Bottle Jack T20450 50 260 155 / 415 1 Color Box
Bottle Jack T204100 100 335 180 / 515 1 Plywood
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1.Does my lift come with the necessary anchor bolts and/or hardware to mount it to the floor?
All JIUYA lifts ship with the necessary anchors required for mounting the unit to your floor.


2.Does hydraulic fluid come with the lifts?
Due to current DOT and insurance laws regarding the transport of hydraulic oils (DOT Section 1 - Hazardous Ingredients; DOT Section 2 - Fire and Explosion Hazards and DOT Section 3 - Health Hazards) the required hydraulic fluid is to be supplied by the end-user, only. JIUYA lifts are designed to operate using standard 10-weight, non-foaming, non-detergent hydraulic oil or Dexron-III ATF fluid. This is available in virtually any automotive store.


3.Do I need a special floor or foundation to support my new lift?
Most residential or commercial foundations are strong enough to support JIUYA lifts. However, it is important to adhere to concrete specifications. Failure to do so could cause lift failure resulting in personal injury or death.


A level floor is suggested for proper installation and level lifting. With proper shimming, small differences in floor slopes may be compensated for. If a floor is of questionable slope, consider a survey of the site and / or the possibility of pouring a new level concrete slab.


4.What is the ceiling height required for a JIUYA lift?
The required ceiling height will vary depending on the lift model, as well as the intended vehicle. Please refer to the product specification page for each product for further details. Or contact us for advice.


5.Do car lifts require maintenance?
A simple monthly checklist is perhaps the most you'll do on a regular basis, aside from common-sense visual inspections you'll do every time you lift and lower your vehicles. Cables need to be maintained, as do hydraulic systems. Because JIUYA sells in such high volume, replacement parts (and therefore the cost of owning a JIUYA car lift) are much less than the cost of owning other brands' lifts.


6.Are car lifts available in different voltages?
Other (unlisted) voltages may be available upon request. Voltage options vary between models.


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