HHD 2020 Best selling EW-56S China chicken incubator/inkubator

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HHD 2020 Best selling EW-56S China chicken incubator/inkubator



100% brand new and high quality.
This full automatic smart incubator can hold 56 eggs for one time.      
Transparent window allows you to clearly observe the hatching process.
Intelligent control for automatic hatching & heating.
With built-in egg turner for regularly automatic turning eggs. 
With onekey LED egg candler tester in the bottom of machine (No need take the eggs out from the machine one by one).
Sensitive temperature sensor for monitoring the temperature ensures you can make timely adjustment and it can accurately reach the required temperature.
With low temperature and low humidity alarm for better hatching.
Digital temperature control with free setting and precise adjustment, easy to operate.
Special air outlets design and advanced heating system to keep air circulated, energy-saving and eco-friendly.
Excellent incubator with great hatch success, suitable for household, laboratory or teaching use.
Separated egg holder, convenient and easy to use.

1. Add some water to the machine before using.
2. The machine need 10-20 minutes preheating before starting to work. Please check whether the temperature is 38℃. If not, you should set the temperature to be 38℃.
3. Disconnect power supply every time before opening the lid of the machine.
4. Please add water every one or two days when working.
5. The eggs for hatching must be fertilized eggs.

Material: PVC Plastic
Color: White
Plug Type: US/EU/UK/AU (optional)
Voltage: AC110-120V(US) / AC220-240V(EU/UK/AU)
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Power: 80W
Temperature: 20-40℃, Adjustable
Egg Capacity: 56 Eggs
Range of Application: Hatching Chicken, Ducks, Poultry, Pigeons, Quail, Parrot, Birds, Turtle Eggs
Item Size: 50 * 46.5 * 18cm / 19.68 * 18.31 * 7.09in
Item Weight: 3.60g / 7.94lb
Package Size: 54 * 51.5 * 26.5cm / 21.26 * 20.27 * 10.43in
Package Weight: 4.7kg / 12.12lb

Package List:
1 * Egg Incubator

1 * Power Line
1 * Water Bottle
1 * User Manual



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How to test incubator?

1. Clean and sterilize before incubating:
Wash ans clean the incubator, Then suffumigate it with potassium permanganate and formalin.

2. Incubation equipment inspection before incubation:
Check all of the device completely and observe whether the fan rotation and egg turning device works normally ad whether all of the components are in good condition,then adjust the temperature and feed water to the tank make a 12 to 24 hours’ trial again when the incubator reaches temperature and humidity requirement,if the incubator works normally,it can be put into running.

3. Choose and store fresh egg within 5 days(7 days at most) as feeding egg,as for the egg stored for more than 5 days,4% less the
incubation rate and 30 minutes prolonged incubation period for one more day storage.The proper temperature for feeding egg storage is 12 ℃~16℃.The smaller side shall be put upside during feeding egg storage.

4. Notes for offtray period: The process to remove from egg tray bracket to brood tray is called off-tray,the chick embryo usually removes off the tray at an age of 18-19 days.It shall be placed gently during off-tray,it’s best to lay to single layer.It also removes to brood tray 3 days earlier than incubator period for other poultry.





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