4grams Humidity Stabilizer Humidity 62

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Product Overview


4grams Hemp Humidity Stabilizer Relative Humidity 62



*ihumi62 has been exploding into the herbal market because of what it does to dried flower –it unlocks smell, color, flavor and texture –all allowing the medicine to burn cooler. Store your medicine with ihumiand you’ll never lose the quality you paid for.


*Dried flower in a sealed container with ihumiretains 15% more terpenes & trichomeretention than the same container without ihumi inside. Why? It needs active, precise2-way humidity control adding and removing moisture to maintain an unchanging moisture content to prevent the loss of terpenes through micro evaporation. And by stabilizing the weight, you'll no longer lose the average of 10% of your inventory to evaporation.



Packaging & Shipping


Packing: 20 pieces/PE bag, 80 pieces/carton

Lead time: 5 days


Usage Directions

1. Select the size of humdity control bag according to the quanity and size of Herbal;

2. Open the bag and put Herbal in, sealing;

3. Obsever the humidity monitor or indicator card to judge the humidity inside.



1. Quality guarantee period is around 2 years;

2. The period of usage is 2-3 months;

3. Use in time after open the sealed bag or re-seal to storage;

4. Please replace the humidity control sheet after one period of usage.


Our Services


Free Sample, Free consultation,Free container tracking service,OEM&ODM, tailor-made products, special printing, quick response,total solution.


Company Information


Established in 2002, Shanghai Hengyuan Macromolecular Materials Co., Ltd. (SHMM) is mainly engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of green and multi-functional adsorbing materials.


We supply from our product portfolio a broad range of desiccant and desiccant related products such as Silica Gel, Fiber Desiccant, Mineral Desiccant and Humidity Indicator Card etc. which have the wide application from industrial side such as pharmaceuticals, food, bio-kits, electronic products, transportation, garments, textile, leather products, furniture etc. to consumer market. 


DEGRADABLE PLANT FIBER DESICCANT is one of the patented products highly developed by SHMM. Its technical performance has reached the cutting-edge level in the world.


Based on global marketing strategy, SHMM has set up sales distribution channels in North America, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia etc.


“Green“ is the commitment we persist in and “Innovation“ is the impetus to keep driving us make progress.


Please let us know about your requirements or your intended use, then we are able to offer you our suggestion on product or professional moisture-proof solution.



Our factory is equipped with a complete line of production equipment, including a cutting machine, powder packaging machine,  granule packaging machine, automatic packaging equipment, film laminating machines, transverse cutting machines, slitting machines, drying machines, and a coating machine. We have also designed and developed an enclosed vacuum feeding system and two-component automatic packaging line, which provides a technical guarantee for a future of developing higher performance products.


In the production of premium quality plant fiber desiccants, the plant fiber rolls are first coated with a drying agent in the desired concentration, and are then cut into fiber sheets. After drying, the different sized sheets are assembled into the end product in various specifications.

The production of mineral desiccants and silica desiccants is relatively simple. We first package the desiccant according to the client’s demands for weight, and then package the product in a barrier bag and carton before leaving the factory.





Certification & National Awards


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