Электрическая ограда 5 Joules, ограждение с сигнализацией для выращивания слона/лошади/крупного рогатого скота, других животных

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Product Overview


Why electric fence?

1. Economic and convenient:The electric fence system can reduce the need of patrolling and reduce the secure cost. You can combine it with a solar panel and a battery or just upgrade your traditional fence to a electric one. Then it will become a automatic defend system.

2.Effective: A psychological and physical barrier to isolate the invader and livestock.

3.Safe: It generates 2.5mC no-lethal high voltage shock every 1.2s(Normally 10mA will causing human’s lethal)

4.Detectable: The electric fence system can alarm or notice you when someone/thing is breaking or touching it.


Product Description

TH-Mars series electric fence energizer(farm fence equipment) is widely used in farming, agriculture and natural reserve park. And our latest electric fence can make sure that the animals keep inside the fence. Nowadays, our farm fence energizer had been used by thousands of farmers all over the world, such as Australia, USA, Europe etc.(cattle, horse, sheep, game farm, reservation park)

The pulse generator inside the energizer generate a electric pulse, which will not kill animals or people. But will only keep animals inside and invaders outside the fence. It’s a cost effective way to manage livestock and prevent the predators.


1. Lcd shows the pulse voltage;

2. Led shows voltage and status of  battery;

3. 1.5 s and 2.5 s interval pulse are available.

4. automatic switch between day mode and night mode;

5. powered by lead-acid battery, 12V DC and solar panel;

6. LED solar  accessories  energizer livestock

7. energizer livestock electric fence system with nice appearance and competitive price

8. solar farm electric fence energizer for livestock with CE,ISO certificate 







Interval period


Energy Consumption with adaptor


Self-fault detection


Maximum length by single energizer


out put voltage

7-10 kv

pulse width

100 us(1/1000 second)

stored energy

5.4 joules


2.4 watt

input current

200 mA



power supply


LCD screen


out put voltage adjustment


IEC standard

IEC 60335 2-76

Packaging & Shipping


Company Information

1116092182_354Tongher Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional producer of electric fence, dedicating to provide stable and high quality products, solutions and services. Tongher has offered perimeter security services and agricultural livestock animal solutions to thousands of companies and governments in more than 20 provinces in China. And our products are distributed to more than 40 countries worldwide for over 10 years.

electric fence energiser

We could provide OEM services to satisfy different needs from different customers .

We have our own registered brand-Tongher,a experienced R&D team and professional management that guarantees the world-class technique. Talk to us, we know electric fence!



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