Automatic hydraulic slurry filter press (62040564102)

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Product Overview



Automatic hydraulic slurry filter press

Product Description

High Pressure Program Controlled Filter Press applied international advanced TPE diaphragm technology. Enduable, stable, universalizable and widely used in various industries. Materials squeezing by water pressure or compressed air, the pressure could up to 0.8-2.0 MPa.

Variable filter chamber technology is widely applied on solid-liquid separation to reduce the water content of material and extremely improve the production efficiency of chemical, pharmacy, mining industries. 

filter press

1. The structure chart of automatic hydraulic slurry filter press:

The hydraulic pressing mechanism of the filter press is composed of a hydraulic station, an oil cylinder, a piston rod, and a haffland card hydraulic station connected by the piston rod and the pressing plate.Motor, oil pump, relief valve ( adjusting pressure ) reversing valve, pressure gauge, oil circuit, oil tank.1_

2. The working principle of automatic hydraulic slurry filter press:

Filtration: The way the filtrate flows, the clear stream filtration and the dark stream filtration. Open stream filtration, the outlet holes under each filter panel are provided with a nozzle which flows intuitively from the nozzle. Underflow filtration, each filter plate is provided with an outlet channel hole, and the outlet holes of several filter plates are connected into a outlet channel, which is discharged by a pipe connected with the outlet hole under the thrust plate.





Wide applicability of automatic hydraulic slurry filter press

Used in tailings, machine sand, kaolin, river silt, metallurgy, chemical, environmental protection, food, pharmaceutical, textile printing and dyeing, profile manufacturing, wine making and other industries.



The specification
Model Fliter Area(m2) Plate Size(mm) Cake Thickness Filter Chamber Volume Plate No. Motor Power
XAZ30/870-30U 30



30mm 460L 23 pcs 2.2 kw
XAZ40/870-30U 40 595L 30 pcs
XAZ50/870-30U 50 748L 38 pcs
XAZ60/870-30U 60 902L 46 pcs
XAZ70/870-30U 70 1056L 54 pcs
XAZ80/870-30U 80 1210L 62 pcs
XAZ50/1000-30U 50 1000*1000 736L 28 pcs 4.0 kw
XAZ60/1000-30U 60 889L 34 pcs
XAZ70/1000-30U 70 1041L 40 pcs
XAZ80/1000-30U 80 1193L 46 pcs
XAZ100/1000-30U 100 1475L 57 pcs
XAZ120/1000-30U 120 1777L 69 pcs

We are able to supply 2000 square meters of filter press if necessary contact us to custom.


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