2019 hot atf exchanger Machine auto transmission fluid exchange

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1,Safety Precautions

1.1. Please read the following provisions carefully and fully understand it before use.

1.2. There must be fireproof and fire-fighting equipment at the workplace. Keep the working area in good air ventilation. Switch off the power supply and clean the machine when finish working at ordinary time.

1.3. Avoid direct sunshine on the machine. During operation, keep the hoses away from rotating elements and hot parts such as cooling fans, radiators etc.

1.4. Working sparks, smoke and fire are strictly prohibited near the machine.

1.5. Operator should wear goggles to prevent the liquid spatter into eyes.

1.6. When disconnecting any connector of the pressurized fuel pipe, wrap the connector with towel to prevent the fuel from spurting out.

1.7. Don’t turn on and off the machine frequently. Start machine at least 5 min. later switch off the power.

1.8. The operator should be quite familiar with the shift of automatic transmission to avoid transmission damage caused by improper operation.

1. 9. The machine should be placed vertically but not to be upside down.

1.10. When changing fluid, the operation should be performed by properly trained personnel. The quality of the selected ATF must conform to the direction as specified in the manual of the auto to be operated.


The transmission fluid inside transmission will go bad after a period of usage of automatic transmission. If the transmission fluid can not be changed completely in time, it may cause the abnormality to the transmission. General auto transmission fluid changer can not control the filling quantity of the ATF as required, the excessive or shortage filling will cause the damage to auto transmission. ATF-6000A auto transmission changer can complete the flush and fluid exchange in 20 minutes for transmission, torque converter and radiator. The fluid exchange rate is nearly 100%.


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