Biodiesel making equipment/biodiesel processor sale/biodiesel plant small

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                 Biodiesel making equipment/biodiesel processor sale/biodiesel plant small

Biodiesel can be made from vegetable oil and animal oil. However, fatty acid, hydrophobic oil, urban waste oil and refined waste are mostly used as raw materials for production. Biodiesel can be used as a substitute for petroleum fuels.

This set of biodiesel equipment contains the international advanced pre-processing section, esterification process and distillation process, and it meets the European Union Standards
Production steps

1. Preprocessing section of bio-oil: when heated to 65~70°c,bio-oil is leached to remove impurities.

2. Drying section: bio-oil without impurities is dehydrated and dried.

3.First esterification reaction: adding bio-oil dehydrated to methanol including 3% sulfuric acid, first esterification reaction starts, and it will take 1.5~2.5 hours.

4.Second esterification reaction: this esterification reaction will take 9~12 hours.

5.Vacuum drying section: Second esterification reactants are dried with vacuum,removing moisture,reducing water content below 3%.

6.Distillation section: with vacuum state,section esterification reactants after vacuum drying section are heated to 220°c,biodiesel forms by steaming.Then cooling biodiesel to be liquid ,the liquid biodiesel is just finished biodiesel.

7.Methanol fine-distillation:after biodiesel is isolated,the remaining methanol liquid is distilled to form methanol.Cooled methanol can be reused.

Feature of our line

1.Good driving performance for low-temperature motor, cooling point can reach -10°c without adding agent;
2.Good lubrication performance ensures low wearing rate of oil spraying pump,engine tank and rods;
3.As flash point of biodiesel is higher than mineral diesel,biodiesel does not belong to dangerous goods;
4.Sulfur content is low,small emission;
5.low residual combustion char(0.02%),i.e. microparticles content of waste gags is low;
6.Damage of waste gas after combustion is lower than that of mineral diesel;
7.High biodecomposition rate is favorable for environment protection.

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