Solar Marine 50 Pounds PVC Inflatable Electric Boat Engine (62061497517)

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• The marine propeller is powered by a battery and can be used for 3 - 5 person boat. The main rod is made of high-quality stainless steel material to ensure that the propeller has sufficient rigidity and durability. When the mechanical multi-stage speed regulation is adopted, the forward speed is forwarded by 5 speeds, and the reverse reversed 3 speeds; to meet the needs of different speeds; Retractable handle makes control more convenient; retractable control handle has the longest telescopic length: 15CM; outboard suspension installation, fast and convenient, with anti-collision tripping mechanism to protect motor safety; anti-wrap type spiral The slurry prevents the propeller from being blocked by the entanglement of water plants.

• The marine propeller is easy to install, easy to carry, environmentally friendly and economical, and has less noise. It does not disturb the fish in the fishing area, and is a good helper for the fisherman. The marine propeller is powered by a battery, so the sound in the water is small, and it does not make a huge noise like a conventional motor, so that you can enter the fishing position quietly without "watering the fish". Due to inconvenient transportation, batteries and charging equipment need to be purchased at local parts stores.

• In the same kind of products, the motor is currently a good accessory in the market, and can withstand various tests. Welcome your order for the retails, wholesale or FCL.

• Gear position: 18 pounds and 28 pounds forward and backward are two gears, the other models are forward 5 gears, back 3 gears.

• Don't have the battery and pls purchas it at your local market.

• 12v series: 18 pounds, 28 pounds, 40 pounds, 50pounds, 60 pounds. 12V battery matches 80-150AH

• 24v series: 88 pounds, 24V battery matches 100-200AH

• Power display on screen 8 level: 40 - 88 pounds available

• The marked price on Alibaba web shop are only for your reference and not final. They are only the price range of EXW factory for one piece & FOB for 40ft high container in USD. Pls kindly let us know the exact order quantities and check the final price with us separately. Thanks.





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