Portable dot marking for die mould rolled steel automotive vehicle frame

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Product Overview


Portable dot marking for die mould rolled steel automotive vehicle frame



pneumatic marking machine :

This pneumatic marking machine enables flat surface marking as well as circumference marking of the work piece. Mark figures and Chinese/English characters on work piece of various materials, including the fields of automobile, motorcycle, mechanism, petroleum, aeronautical and space, electric apparatus and suitable for markings on steel, metal, nonmetal and hard plastic materials.

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It is portable type which is special for marking on large-sized and unmovable metal items and some hard nonmetallic work pieces. It can also work with pipelining.


Due to its small size and portable type, this model is widely used for marking characters, serials numbers and VIN codes on automobile or bodywork of car frames, automotive chassis, connecting rods, petrol pipe, crossbeam, mechanical parts, machine tools, metal pipes, pump bodies, fastening pieces and various hard plastic products.

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Portable Metal Dot Pin Marker integrates computer, automatic control and precise machinery. It is industrial marking equipment which can make logo (characters, letters, VIN code, serial numbers, date and graphics) on metal or no-metal work pieces permanently. 


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Product Features of pneumatic marking machine:

1) The marking head weight is only 2 kgs, is portable with a small size & easy to handle.

2) Applying the most widely used up-down lifting structure to realize multi-functions.

3) Controlled by computer, with the easy-to operate WINDOWS system .Perfect Laser’s professional marking software has a wide application, and can operate under WINDOWS98/2000/ XP system.

4) With powerful edit function, it can mark any logo (character, letter and graph, data code, series number, VIN code, engine numbers) automatically.

5) It can support logos and graphics designed in DXF format from AutoCAD, CorelDraw.

6) It can support multi-kinds fonts: MG Font, SHX Font in Auto CAD, CHR in Borland, and TTF in Windows.

7) Marking contents could be saved automatically and not be destroyed during power-off of the machine.

8) It can be used online to share the database and data transmission with other equipment, such as match with electronic scales, bar code machines, leak detectors and other equipment


Application of pneumatic marking machine :

1. Motor industry: printing manufacture serial number, manufacture date, name, brand, etc. on the body, frameworks, base plate, pillar, engine, connecting rod, cylinder, piston, cylinder sleeve, etc.

2. Mechanical industry: marking on mechanical parts, machine tools, hardware products, steel tubes, sleeves, collars, rollers, pump valves, ring flanges, fasteners

3. Marking on apparatus, electromechanical instruments

4. Marking on hard plastic products,

5. Print numbers and manufacture serial numbers, etc. on aluminum, copper and stainless steel labels(nameplate)

6. Marking dial plates 


Standard Marking Area


Optional Working Area

200mm×100mm / 300mm×200mm / 400mm×300mm

Marking Speed

≤50mm/second (for characters height of 3mm or 3-4 numbers /second)

Marking Depth


Lifting Range

0-300 mm

Maximum Fixture Diameter

0-100mm, 0-200mm

Repeated Accuracy

0.01 mm

Pin Hardness

HRC 73

Power Supply

220V±10%, 50Hz

Machine Power

≤400 W

Working Environment

-5~40 °C


65 Kg


Main function of pneumatic marking machine:


1.Multi-languages, serial No., Arabic numerals, arbitrary figure, incrementing serial No., graphics, VIN code, time, date, barcode reading marking, ticket, dot matrix, 2D code(two-dimension code), circumferential parts marking and connected to database marking.

2.Available in a variety of languages,the software also contains features such as serial numbering, date and time marking and password protection.

3.Support multiple graphics and fonts, compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw.

4.Flexible and user-friendly software. Compared with the same number.

5.Database: Marking report available

6.Compliance Marking

7.DataMatrix Coding

8.VIN Coding

9.Programmable Marking

10Component Identification

11.Component Traceability

12.Serial Numbering

13.Lot Numbering

14.Stock Products Numbering

15.Steel Stock Marking Engraving: Staineless steel, wild steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and etc. products, Such like, steel ball, steel-case, steel-cast parts, steel-clad arms, steel-cored and encased parts, steel-plated parts, steel-work.

16.Metal--Aluminum/steel/copper and etc. Plate, Tag, label and Pipe Marking

17.Cast and Forge Marking

18.Logo Marking

19.Security Marking

20.Health & Safety Appliance Marking

21.Certification Marking

22.Time & Date Marking  


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pneumatic marking (4)



pneumatic marking (6)



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Packaging & Shipping

Inside Packing

  • Use professional Stretch Film to cover the whole lathe.
  • Stretch film package with foam protection in each corner.

Outside Packing

  • Sandard export wooden cases and pylwood cases.
  • Save space as much as possible for container loading.


  • We support shipping, air, land and express.
  • You can choose the most suitable way of transport.

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