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Planting instructions:

provide greenhouse design and construction, seeds and fertilizer and planting technology solutions.
The following are the planting instructions provided by our company: lettuce planting instruction, pepper planting instruction, tomato planting instruction and cucumber planting instruction.

Lettuce planting instruction

Pepper planting instruction

Tomato planting instruction

Cucumber planting instruction

PVC plants Growing gutter Features:

1. PVC Hydroponic plant gutter is for crop growing, high yield and good quality.
2. PVC Hydroponic plant gutter can save water, fertilizer, labor. Fewer pests, can avoid soil continuous

Under Product pictures And Introduce PVC plant growing Gutter Size is:

Type: Trapezoidal Type Gutter.
Upper Width*High*Bottom Width: 26*8*21 cm.
Thickness: 3.5 mm
Material: PVC
Length(meters) Can custom:5.8 meters/each piece.Or as required.

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Multi-span greenhouse

Various styles, hot-dip galvanized steel structure, strong compressive ability, long service life, cheap cost.

Hydroponic system

Tomatoes/potatoes/lettuce/strawberry hydroponic growing system PVC/PP/PE hydroponic system, NFT hydroponic growing channel system

Seeding system

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