Popular Keke Dredger for River Dredging in Nigeria

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Product Overview



Popular Keke Dredger for River Dredging in Nigeria

Product Description

Keke Dredger is a kind of Sand Dredger mainly used for dredging the sand, gravel, coarse sand from river, lake, canal, etc. OCEAN Pump brand robust Portable Dredgeris made by our high quality sand pump and industrial-strength floating platforms. The gravel sand pump body is designed into box-like structure that can be dismantled, so Keke Dredger can be assembled at working place easily and be transported by road, railway or inside container, the small sand dredge is very convenient to move in the working place.
Our Keke Dredger can be self-propelled or non self-propelled. The power system of Mini Dredger can be electric system or diesel engine driven system according to customers’ requirements, which features high efficiency, cost saving, easy to transport and operate. OCEAN Pump brand Keke Dredger is equipped with our powerful sand pump to pump the underwater mixed sand, mud and water to the specified place through the discharge pipeline.

Keke Dredger


 Dredger size 

L*W*H (m)

Sand capacity


Max. dig depth


Max discharge distance (m)
4 inch4.5*2.0*0.7025-305-650-80
6 inch5.8*2.2*0.7545-606-880-100
8 inch5.8*2.2*1.0060-808-15100-120
10 inch5.8*4.2*1.0080-10015-20120-200
1. Dredger hull is made of 6 mm thickness steel plate.
2. Other specific requirements can be adjusted or customized according to request.
  • Novel design, compact structure,  robust body
  • Integrated assembly, excellent quality, energy saving
  • High efficiency sand pump, large output
  • Fast and easy assembly and dis-assembly afloat or onshore
  • Pumping depth can be up to 20 meters underwater
  • Transport distance can reach to 200 meters
  • Custom design and fabrication available
  • Spare parts are easy to access, especially the dredge pump wearing parts
  • Perfect return on investment (ROI )
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Low operating cost, Longer server life

OCEAN Pump had been dedicated in designing and manufacturing sand pump, slurry pump, gravel pump and sand dredgers for over 20 years. Our sand pump and sand dredge products had been exported to over 60 countries. They are widely used for sand dredging, mud dredging, port building and deepening in ponds, rivers, artificial lakes,  ports, seas, reservoirs, boat docks, canals and waterfront sites, etc. 

Successful cases


6 inch Portable Portable Dredger Delivered to Fiji for River Dredging

The 8 inch Mini Dredger is one of the most commonly used sand Keke Dredger in Nigeria sand dredger market. Mini Dredger is a type of jet Keke Dredger , Mini Dredger is usually used in river, lake ,pond or other areas without heavy winds and waves. The kind of Mini Dredger is also called sand pumping platform. Mini Dredger refers to use high pressure water jet to rush the sand, slurry or mud in the river. The Nigeria river and lake sand quality is generally soft and fine. It is easy to rush by water gun. So when the water gun rushes up the sand, Mini Dredger improves the efficiency of sand pumping.

Keke Dredger

In June 2018, we got the inquiry from Fiji customer for river dredging. The customer just came to the dredging business, as a trial order, he wanted to use small invest to get high output of the sand dredger.

Fiji is a very beautiful place where many people go for holiday, so if the customer carries out sand dredging, he will be required to get the license in the local government . In the dredging place, in order to protect the clean water area from sand-water mixture of sand dredging site, the customer also needs the silt curtain to meet the rules of environment.

After communicated with the customer, we knew the working conditions as following:

Dredge Depth: Max 5m
Water Depth: 3m
Sand output: 50-60m3/h
Sand Material: Fine Sand Without Big Particle ,Gravel or Rubbish .
Discharge Distance: 300m
Generally speaking, Keke Dredger is equipped with small sand pump. But the discharge distance our customer require is 300m, it exceeds the discharge distance range of small sand pump, so we equip gravel sand pump on the dredger, this kind of Portable Dredgernot only reduces customers cost, but also meets the requirement of discharge distance

Keke Dredger


The customer was worried about the balance of the Mini Dredger. Our engineers also considered of the possible things. So We designed the Portable Dredgeraccording to the customized requests. We made extra pontoons and mounted on the Portable Dredgerto ensure safety.

Parameters of Mini Dredger

Portable Dredgersize(L*W*H)5.8m*4.2m*1.0m
Sand pump set6 inch gravel sand pump set driven by the famous brand diesel engine with power take off
Water pump setUsing the high pressure water jet the sand up and down
WinchLift the sand suction hose up and down
Self propelling systemUsing the propeller driven by the diesel engine to let the dredger move forward
Discharge pipe6 inch discharge pipe, each pcs with both flanges, and totally for 300m
Spare partsFor sand pump and diesel engine


 Gravel sand pump dredger


 sand pump dredger

We communicated with customer for a long time, and made quotation step by step as customer’s request. Customer also compared our company with other dredger suppliers, Finally he chose us, we also tried our best to meet customer’s request. After we received the deposit of the sand dredger, we finished the producing within 30 days as we scheduled. During the producing of this Mini Dredger, we had other orders of sand pumps and sand dredgers, so our workers often worked overtime. Finally we were lucky and the Portable Dredgerwere finished and we arranged the delivery for customer. When the Portable Dredgerarrived at customer’s working place, the customer said it worked well, he was very satisfied with it.

Why choose us


As the professional Mini Dredger designer, manufacturer and exporter, OCEAN Pump had been worked harder to become the leader to supply One Stop Sand Pumping Solutions to worldwide customers since 1997.  We have more than 30 talented sand pumping experts and strong teams responsible for product development, manufacturing, quality control, exporting, after sales service. We have our own manufacturing factory with professional technicians and advanced machines. By choosing OCEAN Pump, you choose a long term professional partner for your sand pumping business.



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