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Product Description

Ebb and flow rolling bench

Ebb and Flow system is a form of hydroponics that is known for its simplicity, reliability of operation and low initial investment cost. With a Rolling Bench the Ebb and Flow system is able to shift left or right using a series of rollers top of the support frame. So as to maximises the use of available greenhouse space.

Product name
Greenhouse ebb and flow rolling/fixed bench
Seedling tray
ABS tidal seedling tray, UV protective
(Splicing tray)
table width
(2.33ft (0.711m); 3ft (0.914m); 4ft (1.22m); 5ft (1.53m); 5.5ft (1.7m); 5.83ft (1.78m)
we can do any length based on above width
Complete table size
4ft x 8ft(1.22mX2.44m)
5.5ft x 14.6ft(1.7mX4.45m)
Table height
standard is 70cm(can adjust 8-10cm), customized other height
Rolling range
Around 25-30cm from middle to each side
Product features
The frame is made of aluminum alloy, beautiful, light weight, corrosion resistance and high efficiency of greenhouse
Product accessories
It consists of ABS tidal seedling tray, rolling shaft, door frame, aluminum alloy frame, handwheel, horizontal support, diagonal
pull rod and so on

Main Features

1.Labor savings and cost effective
2.The factory manufacture compleste ebb and flow system in china.
3.An entire acre or more can be watered automatically and efficiently
4. Plants are watered evenly, reducing losses due to poor watering practices
5. Plants can be fertilized as they are being watered
6.Floors are dry, avoiding accidents
7.Compatible with many computer control systems

Support frame
With screw design, it is possible to adjust the level of the seedbed through the screw.
Install a filter at the inlet and outlet to filter the backwater
Fluctuation valve
Valves for inlet and return water of seedbed

Corner connector
Used for corner connection of aluminum alloy profile
Anti-Overturn hook
Prevent the seedbed from tilting
Used for butt joint of aluminum alloy profiles

Product packaging

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Company Information

    Xiamen Wellgain Greenhouse Company is a supplier specializing in greenhouse design and construction and providing planting solutions. The company has 15 years of experience in greenhouse design and construction. We have our own factory, covering an area of 1.1HA. The company has a strong and rigorous technical team, advanced production technology and equipment, professional construction team. We have domestic and foreign planting management experts, 20 years of large-scale farm planting experience, we are good at solanaceous fruit vegetable, lettuce and other planting management. We are committed to improving product quality and output as the goal of struggle.

Company Advantages:
1. One-stop purchasing, greenhouse equipment - planting equipment - technical guidance - various auxiliary materials;
2. Reliable after-sales service: provide professional installation manual, operation and maintenance manual;
3. Can export high quality fertilizer and seeds;
4. Can provide greenhouse renovation plan;
5. Can provide planting guidance and planting solutions


1. Delivery time
* The delivery time is different for different goods, ranging from 30 to 60 days. We will deliver the goods in batches. We will
deliver the goods in the order of the materials needed for installation, so as to reduce the waiting time.
2. Packing method
* For bulk cargo, we offer different packing methods according to different goods, such as wooden pallet, carton packing, bag packing and bale packing
* FCL delivery provides different packing methods according to different goods, including naked packing, wooden pallet, carton packing, bag packing and bale packing.
* For the products with high packaging cost and low value, it is recommended that customers purchase FCL
3. Installation
* We will provide detailed installation instructions. On-site Installation technician provided upon requests: Customer is
responsible for air ticket for round trip, local room, meals and transportation, as well as USD 150-200/day/person during the stay.
* Cultivation instruction fee:
4. Sample
* It can be provided free of charge and the customer bears the freight
5. Plant nursery equipment
* Seeding bench: We offer a variety of seeding bench, including moveable seeding bench, fixed seeding bench, ebb and flow nursery table, etc
* Nursery machine: we have different models of equipment, according to the number of daily seedlings for selection
* Irrigation: Mobile sprinkler irrigation or crane spraying
* We also provide supplementary materials for seedling: such as rock wool, coconut bran, sponge, seeding tray, etc
6. Plant nursery time
* Different crops have different planting time, and different planting density has different planting time
* For example, the seedling density of lettuce is 475 plants /m2 and 1120 plants /m2, etc., the density is different, and of
course the seedling time is also different.
* The seedling density of tomato is 50 plants /m2 and 475 plants /m2
* Plant nursery time depends on the way of seedling.
7. Plant nursery area
* The area for seedling cultivation generally accounts for about 5% of the planting area, but it also depends on the seedling
density selected by the customer

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