Поставка грузовых экспедиторов, логистика, транспортировка для транспортных услуг из Китая в США (62073583321)

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Shenzhen Jwlogistics International Freight Forwarder Co., Ltd.
Other County
Amazon FBA
DDP 4-6 days
DDP 5-7 days
DDP 3-5 days
DDP 5-7 days
4-6 days
No Service
Sea Freight
DDP 12-20 days
DDP 15-25 days
DDP 4-7 days
DDP 13-22 days
Port to port or shipping and delivery
Air Freight
Airline:EK AA PO CA HU NH EY TK OZ CZ CX BY and so on,airport to airport or airport plus delivery
DDP 18-26 days
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Our service

Air Freight Service
Air freight is fast and safe. The punctual and ultra-high efficiency has won a considerable market, greatly shortened the delivery
time, and played a great role in accelerating the capital turnover and circulation of the logistics supply chain.

Sea Freight Service
Sea Shipping means to transport people or goods through water transportation. Generally speaking, water transportation takes a
longer time, but the cost is relatively low, which is unmatched by air transportation and land transportation. Water transport can
transport a large amount of cargo per voyage, while air and land transport have relatively few loads per voyage.

Express Service
Express service refers to express mails that are packaged and addressed by express delivery, transportation, and delivery, that is, the collective term for letters and parcels that are legally received, mailed, and packaged by express service companies.

Railway Freight Service
Rail transportation is characterized by large transportation volume, fast speed, low cost, and generally not restricted by climatic conditions, so it is suitable for long-distance transportation of bulk and heavy goods.

Land Freight Service
It is a modern mode of transportation. Not only can it directly undertake transnational cargo transportation, but it is also an
important means of collecting and distributing import and export goods at stations, ports and airports, which is conducive to the
realization of "door-to-door" transportation.

Company Profile

Shenzhen Jwlogistics International Freight Forwarder Co., Ltd.
This is Shenzhen Jwlogistics International Freight Forwarder Co., Ltd.,we are a global and professional agent approved by national trading ministry.
Our general office located in Shenzhen, Jwlogistics has branch offices spread in Shanghai , Ningbo , Yiwu ,Shenzhen , Guangzhou and Hong kong and it aims at providing first-class services to our valued customers over the world . Our services cover in AMAZON FBA SHIPPING, sea freight , air freight , warehousing , customs declaration, inland transportation, marketing, export & import.
Contact us today! Our friendly and professional team that is able to handle all your enquiries whenever you need.


1,Q:What is the price of your service?
A:The exact price depends on your product information, like weight, volume weight and destination city.

2,Q:How can I pay you?
A:You can pay us by Paypal, Bank transfer (T/T), Western Union ,, Alibaba Trade Assurance, Wechat and so on.

3,Q:Can you help me inspect our goods?
A:Yes ,we can help you do that.please offer your detail requirements for the inspection.

4,Q:Can you help me pick up goods from my supplier?
A:Yes ,we can help you do that.please offer the exact address for picking up.

5,Q;Is my cargo safe with you?
A:Of course ,we can help to take photos for your goods .

6.Q: Can you help me check our products?
A: Yes, we can help you if you want.

7,Q:When shall i pay you?
A:Commonly,you need to pay us before the shipment.

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