ISO9001 Белая нейлоновая PA66 Очищающая щетка для пыли, промышленная цилиндрическая щетка

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Product Overview


Product Description

The Roller Brushes is highly designed to promote a high quality functionality and performance for any related purposes. They are individually configured brushes built with several shafts. The Roller Brushes compared to other Round Brushes are no comparison when it comes to the virtue of the shafts incorporated in the apparatuses. They also provide a reasonable advantage and benefit for several users who are in need of a simple yet superior quality brushes through the individual configurations of the brushes for special applications.

Cylindrical spiral brushes otherwise known as manufactured round brushes are capable of providing instant solutions to various cleaning inquiries. They are specially designed to protect surfaces from damages and can significantly minimize the demand for certain cleaning additives. Products that are painted fresh can also be gently conveyed through these brushes. Application of icings and many other related operations can be applied in a hygienic manner as well. made round brushes also include special round brushes as well as standard-type round brushes as well as round-made brushes. All these brushes are configured to deliver quick and high-quality results.

High quality white nylon brush

High density bristles bring better effect. 

We can choose different softness bristles to clean the surface of different materials,.

such as ordinary glass, metal, LCD screen, aluminum products and so on.

Detailed Images

Flexible size and shape


Sphere, Cylinder, Ring, Wave,Spiral


Customized processing according to any area to be cleaned up.

Simple usage: 

Motors or gears drive rotation and there are many ways to connect.

Raw material

Brush wire:PA/PP/PBT/PET

All kinds of brush wire,It can solve the problems caused by softness, temperature, acid-base and static electricity.
Brush core:

Same as brush wire,In exceptional cases, we can choose aluminum/copper.
Brush shaft:

Wear-resistant metals, stainless steel, iron


For all the people who need this product, they can customize it according to their own requirements.

Optimal flexibility in brush fill and patterns
Common core diameters available from stock
Core material:
Synthetic, wood, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal
Fill material:
Synthetic, abrasive, wire, natural hair and fibre, or mixed materials
Fill colour:
Colours available on request
Tuft angle:
Upright or angled
Tuft density:
Open, dense or very dense
Tuft method:
Machine stapled, hand drawn or resin set
Tuft pattern:
In line, staggered, helical, chevron
Trim profile:
Straight or custom profiled
Attention:length/ID/OD/diameter/color/material can be customed.

Our Company

Why choose us?

In 1993, contact imported industrial brush products in Guangdong province. In 1996, a small factory was built in Anhui province .In 2007, the company was established. Product experience over 20 years.
We started to engage in foreign trade business in 2015, and our products enteredsoutheast Asia, Europe, Africa and the United States. Including domestic trade, ourproduct feedback has been good. Active improvement and strong after-sales service is our guarantee.
Mercedes Benz, Samsung, Apple, Nissan. Their agent factories have chosen our products.We are always trying to make progress.

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