Lumbar vertebra enlargement lumbar intervertebral disc (protrusion) demonstration model human spine spinal bone pathology demons

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Yixin High-end Medical and Educational Model

 1. The products are made of imported PVC materials, environmental protection paint, computer color matching and artificial color painting.

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Lumbar disc herniation is one of the more common diseases, mainly because the lumbar intervertebral disc parts (nucleus pulposus, annulus fibrosus and cartilage plate), especially the nucleus pulposus, have different degrees of degenerative changes, under the influence of external factors The annulus of the intervertebral disc ruptures, and the nucleus pulposus protrudes (or detaches) from the rupture in the posterior or spinal canal, causing stimulation or compression of the adjacent spinal nerve root, resulting in lumbar pain, numbness and pain in one lower limb or both lower limbs. Wait for a series of clinical symptoms. Lumbar disc herniation has the highest incidence of lumbar 4 to 5 and lumbar 5 to1, accounting for 95%.1.gif

Lumbar disc herniation model

product description:
This model is widely used in orthopedics, surgery, for clinical teaching, occupational disease prevention, ergonomics, physical education, etc. It has good auxiliary teaching and demonstration!
This lumbar model is very beautiful, and the string around the blood ball is made entirely by hand, which is firm and durable. This model demonstrates the damage mechanism of lumbar disc herniation. It demonstrates how the intervertebral disc is dislodged when bending the vertebrae and reproduces what happens to the human vertebrae when bending or twisting the body in real life. This model consists of two vertebrae with a flexible disc, spinal cord and nerves.
Made of imported environmentally friendly PVC, hand-painted and well-made.
Product size: 12*12*10 cm/product weight: 600g01.jpg02.jpg03.jpg04.jpg05.jpg


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