Silicon Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter (62090371472)

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Clear Lacquer and Wax Automotive Paint Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter dyes paints micro oval gear flow meter

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 Silicon Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter

A.[Feature of Micro oval gear flow meter]


High Accuracy

The standard type is 0.5%,for some special medium the accurcy is 0.2%.


The Min Flow Range

The min flow range is 0.5ml/min,The M2.1-AL flow range is 0.5~150ml/min.


The Max Pressure and Temperature

The standard type is 32Bar and 80℃,But can customized  for 1000Bar and 150℃.


Dosing and Alarm Function

The micro oval gear flow meter wiht display instrument could reach the dosing and upper and Lower Alarm.


The Quality Material of micro flowmeter

The Micro oval gear flow meter with stainless steel 316lL and Aluminum material to suitable for the medium.


Speical and Strict working condition

The micro oval gear flow meter suitable for Hydraulic system;Painting;Test Bench and more.




ModelFlow Range Connection
CX-M2-SS/AL0.5~150 ml/minNPT/G 1/8''Female thread
CX-M3-SS/AL3~300 ml/minNPT/G 1/8'' Female thread 
CX-M5-SS/AL5~1000 ml/minNPT/G 1/8''  Female thread 
CX-M6-SS/AL0.5~100 L/HNPT/G 1/4' Female thread 
CX-M9-SS/AL6~600 L/HNPT/G 1/4'' Female thread 
CX-M12-SS/AL0.3~30 L/MinNPT/G 1/2'' Female thread 
CX-M25-SS/AL0.5~100 L/MinNPT/G 1'' Female thread 
Test Bench flowmeter1~800 ml/minNPT/G 1/8' Female thread 


 Accuracy The standard type is 0.5%,some special medium is 0.2%
 Temperature -40~80℃(the max temperature is 150℃)
 Pressure 32Bar (the max pressure 1000Bar)
 Output The putput is pulse output
 Power Supply 4~26VDC
 -SS series 
 Material Chamber:SS316 ; Gear;SS316L ;Shaft:SS316L
 Medium Suitable for various chemical liquid
 -AL Series 
 Material Chamber:Aluminium ; Gear:PPS ;
 Medium Suitable for Non-various chemical liquid

Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter.png

peformance of Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter.png

CAD of Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter.png

Model / SizeM2.1  M3  M5M2.1  M3  M5(High Pre)M6M9M12M25


C.[ Working Condition ]

    a.Hydraulic System,Hydraulic oil

  • The strict working condition,So the micro flow meter must with longer workinglife;
  • The Hydraulic system with high pressure,Normal the pressure is more than 16Mpa;
  • Test for Hydraulic oil,The medium must is pure,the micro flow mete need provide the filter;
  • The Hydraulic system is more professional system,So the manufacture with professional engineers and Low cost aftersales.

   b. The common rail injector test bench

  • The test bench micro flow meter's flow range is 0.7~400 ml/min,Our micro flowmeter is 1~800 ml/min;
  • The special flow meter need higher pulse parameter,The Model M3 with 0.07 ml/pulse;
  • In the test process,The Micro flow meter need provide the filter.

dyes paints micro oval gear flow meter.png

  C. The Painting industry and painting mechine

  • The micro flow meter need higher accuracy;
  • The flowmeter need control the flow range and stable output;
  • Artifical painting waste much time and it is easy cause much cost loss;

  D.The Dispensing industry

  •  The flow meter of dispensing industry should be with higher accuracy.
  • The flow meter should be with dosing function.
  • The medium of dispensing with high viscosity and variety meduim.
  • The micro flow meter should be with lower flow range.

  Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter

Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter.png

installation of Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter.png

Picture of Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter.png


 D.[Company Info]

  • Our Company is Top 10 Manufacture on Alibaba;
  • We have about 30 years of experience in Manufacture;
  • Our products have been exported to more 100 coutries and area;
  • ISO,SGS,CE and more ceterficates for you reference;
  • Patent technology and more than 3 years working life.

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