Пластиковая бетонная стойка, эффективная форма, квадратная Колонка PP PVC опалубочная панель

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Product Overview


Product Description


What is Plastic Formwork?

Hollow plastic building formwork is a kind of energy-saving and green environmental protection product, pp plastic combined with macromolecule nano-technology. It is a new product after wood formwork, composite steel formwork, bamboo-wood bonding formwork and all-steel large formwork. It is energy saving and environmental protection,and can completely replace the traditional steel formwork, wood formwork

PP(Polypropylene) Formwork Board Specification

SizeWeightHole typepackaging20GP Quantity40HQ Quantity
1220x2440x12mm21±1kgSquare Hole75pcs/Pallet600pcs1200pcs
1220x2440x14mm24±1kgRound Hole65pcs/Pallet520pcs1040pcs
1220x2440x15mm25±1kgRound Hole60pcs/Pallet480pcs960pcs
1220x2440x16mm27±1kgRound Hole55pcs/Pallet440pcs880pcs
1220x2440x18mm31±1kgRound Hole50pcs/Pallet400pcs800pcs
1220x2440x20mm33±1kgRound Hole45pcs/Pallet360pcs720pcs
918x1830x14mm14±1kgRound Hole65pcs/Pallet900pcs1872pcs
918x1830x15mm14.5±1kgRound Hole60pcs/Pallet900pcs1872pcs
918x1830x18mm17±1kgRound Hole50pcs/Pallet600pcs1200pcs
If Special Sizes need, please contact with us!


New Desgin&Advantages


1. Round Hole Structural

Square Hole is updated to Round Hole. Structural Advantages make plastic formwork board stronger.picture.jpg

2. Waterproof

Hollow plastic formwork is weather resistance, rain and shine are no longer an issue.

3. Light Weight

It is lighter, easier to carry and release worker from heavy labor.Manual operation, no crane required reducing 20% labor cost than plywood

4.Surface does not require maintenance

High pressure water jet flushes surface of the plastic template, but matal formwork requires surface maintenance

5. High Workability

User-friendly, work well with saw,nail,drill,cut,etc. Compatible with other materials such wood,steel,aluminum,etc.

6. High Temperature Resistance

The material is polypropylene, the melting point can be as high as 167℃. PP vicat softening temperature of 150℃.

7. Cost-Saving

One set plastic formwork can finish whole high building 2×35Floors, save 60% total budget than plywood and metal formwork












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