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Product Overview


Expander Banana Roll

Advantage :

The adhesive layer have good elasticity, compression resistance, flex resistance and thermal conductivity. The maximum tolerance of the hardness should be within the allowable range, otherwise the unevenness of the pulp will be uneven and the quality of the paper will be affected. Generally, the Shore hardness is 40°~100°, and the tolerance is ±2°~±4°.

Product Parameters

Paper width
Smooth press roll,grooved press roll,thread press roll ,vacuum press roll,movable arc roll,medium and high roller...
Diameter-Face Length
Roll face cover

Iron Cast/Steel plate rolling

(S355 OR 45#)

cast steel/45# 40Cr/42CrMo


Main Features

1, a wide range of hardness: 20-100 degrees

2, high temperature resistance, up to 300 degrees

3, oil resistance, wear resistance, solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance

4, strong production capacity, a variety of mature formulations, but also for the customer design and build.

5, a large range of processing, ultra-long roller manufacturing experts.(diameter 10MM-670MM, length: 50MM-8200MM)

Product Detail

Stone roll of paper mill

The press section consists of two rolls of hard and soft rolls, such as stone rolls and rubber rolls, which are combined to form a set of presses. The press section consists of a press pack of the same or different form, which also customarily includes a vacuum pipetting device. When pressing, the paper is supported by a cloth of appropriate specifications, which can evenly pressurize the pressure and take away some of the water squeezed out by the press, and can increase the pressure of the pressurization and improve the dewatering ability of the press.

Vacuum press roll of paper mill

Vacuum press roll's surface is drilled dual helix aligned holes, holes diameter 4mm,opening rate 12.2% .Roll body is made by SUS304. Vacuum box body, water pipes and connecting parts are all stainless steel.The whole chambers can be taken out for maintenance.The max. suction width is 3850mm, min. suction width is 3430mm. Suction width can be adjusted at operation side.There are air bellow and sealing strip in the roll, air bellow pressure is 0.025~0.07Mpa, with shower inside. Sealing strip material is graphite rubber. Air bellows and sealing strips are made by Leripa or Aisa Paper Tech.

Curved roller of paper mill

Applied to stretch paper, wire, blanket felt.
Roller inside and outside surface will be processed.
We will do dynamic balance to improve the stability of the roller.After shaft head installed, we will do dynamic balance again.The dynamic balance will be G1

Rubber roll of paper mill

Special coated material with good Rubber toughness and uniform ;Tapping area up to 50% ,specially designed buffer layer helps disperse stress and mechanical shock resistance effectively during operating; Excellent dehydration ,low nip pressure which prevents dandy marks and crushing of paper sheet ;High wear resistance ,chemical resistance .
The rubber roller has moderate hardness and elasticity, high oil resistance, washing solvent resistance, wear resistance and shape stability. Soft rolls are generally made of SBR, CR and PU. The surface of the hard stick was originally made of copper and later replaced with polyester resin.


1. The paper machine wire part mainly has a chest roll, a roll roll and a reel roll, and a case roll as a dewatering element. On the return path of the forming wire, there are many rollers supporting the net, and these rolls can be called guide rolls. There are also tensioning rolls and correction rolls. Paper-making rubber rollers are used for rubber rollers for paper-making.

2. A long net paper machine generally has 70 to 80 rubbers rollers. According to the structure, it can be divided into light roller ( flat roller, no pattern on the surface ), groove roller ( groove on the surface of the coating layer ), vacuum roller, movable are roller ( Hollow bending rolls ) and medium and high rolls. They are used for different parts of the paper machine to squeeze water, press , calendar and so on. It is generally made of various SRs (such as PU ).

Packing & Delivery

Packing Details : wooken packing

Delivery Details : 3-30 days after deposit.

According to different products ,there are wooden box available.

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