Шлюз LoRa для умного освещения и умного здания с LoRaWAN

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Product Overview


LoRa gateway for smart lighting and smart building with LoRaWAN standard



GW5000E is a LoRaWAN standard micro gateway. It works for LoRa networking and also supplements for blind area to expand LoRa signal coverage. It has 8 uplink channels providing access to various application nodes. It can be connected to the Cloud via 3G/4G and Ethernet. It operates flexibly in different scenarios. With DC12V power supply and solar power supply supported, it gets powered conveniently indoors and outdoors. Easy-to-install and light weighted design, it provides enterprise-grade customers with fast and cost-efficient LoRa signal coverage.


Typical Application

It can be mounted on the roadside monitoring pole, wall, low-rise building roof, widely used in community, buildings, factories and other indoor IoT application scenarios.



l  Support LoRaWAN V1.1 CLASS A/B/C;

l  Support 3G/ 4G, WAN, GPS, Wifi, USB, Console debug port

l  12V DC power supply or solar power supply supported

l  PWR, SYS, LORA, ETH, LTE, GPS and other indicators

l  LTE version for China, Europe, the United States

l  Compact design and easy-to-install

l  System self-diagnosis

l  IP65 weatherproof


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PWR LED: power light, power on/power off.

SYS LED: quick flash during startup; light constantly on after flash--system is working

LoRa LED: quick flash--LoRa is running or initializing (It needs 1 minute to calibrate data receiving and data sending in full duplex); light constantly on or off--LoRa core program is not running

ETH LED: light on--network cable is connected; quick flash-–data transmitting; light off--network cable is not connected.


GPS LED: flash 1 time per second--GPS is positioned; light off or constantly on–-not positioned


LTE LED working status shown in the table below:


4G module for EU and U.S. areas

4G module for China area

Slow flashing(on for 0.2s/off for 1.8s)

Serching network, no SIM card or failure to register

Fast flashing(on for 0.1s/off for 0.8s)

Serching Network

Slow flashing(on for 1.8s/off for 0.2s)

Registration successful or standby mode

Slow flashing(on for             0.1s/off for 3s)

Registration successful

Fast flashing(on for 0.125s/off for 0.125s)

Data transmission

Fast flashing(on for 0.1s/off for


Data transmission



Light off

No SIM card or failure to register




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Technical parameters:








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