Протектор фазовой последовательности Kailn TG30s, реле сбоя фазы

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Kailn TG30s Phase sequence protector Phase Failure Relays

I, Characteristics of protection

1. Phase loss protection: It means that any phase occurs phase loss when the protected circuit is in running or stopping status. In this case, the red indicator light will be lighted and be priority.

2. Phase opposite protection: It is a safeguard acting immediately, which protects L1, L2, and L3 three phase against wrong connection sequence. In this case, the yellow indicator light will be lighted.

3. Voltage imbalance protection: While a protection of voltage imbalance rate > 8%, the imbalance of three phase voltage will affect the safe running of the equipment. In this case that there is a phase losing, the red indicator light will be lighted and be priority.

4. Delay protection:When the fault happens, the monitor will delay 1~2 seconds to act and release.

II, Characteristics of performance

1. The protection functions of relay don't be affected by current intensity of circuit or load, impulse current, imbalance current and load characteristic. The relay could long term work under full capability and full climate. Power consumption is lower than 2W.

2. There is no requirement for connecting method when it is used in protection of motor.

3. This product measures up GB/T 14048.1-2000,GB14048.5-2001 eqv IEC60947-1:1999.

4. The EMC of the product measures up the limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics of GB4343-1995.

III, Characteristics of working

1. If the connection of L1, L2 and L3 phases are right, the green light of the relay illuminates and the relay closes. If they are wrong, the yellow light of the relay illuminates. Exchanging any two of them, the relay will accept the phase sequence and begin to work normally. In this case that there occurs yellow light illuminated and relay unclosed after the protected equipment works normally, it should be a wrong connection of external circuit. The relay has a function of protection against wrong connection.

2. While any of these L1, L2 and L3 phases is Na phase, the red light is lighted with the unlighted green light and the released relay. While the voltage come back to normal, it will recover immediately with lighted green light and closed relay.

3. L1, L2 and L3 connect with three phase AC. NO, COM are normally open contact point and NC, COM are normally closed contact point. Use lead to connect terminal directly.
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