third generation air end of compressor original from Germany GHH RAND

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Best Compressor GHH air end air compressor germany for sale 

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Professional twin-screw air end manufacturer GHH- RAND headquartered in Oberhausen, Germany Rhine River, is the world recognized as the oldest and largest twin-screw host manufacturer, since 1964.

Ø Germany original GHH Air End


Ø Most advanced tooth ratio 5:6 in the world, its  bilateral asymmetric streamlined tooth type,to ensure the largest area utilization factor, the smallest leakage area, the highest efficiency.


Ø Male and female rotor adopt high-quality carbon steel, by the precision grinding and into, to ensure the best with the gap, so that the host of high efficiency, low noise, long life.


Best Compressor GHH air end air compressor germany for sale  Best Compressor GHH air end air compressor germany for sale



1. Special leak-proof three-layer oil seal, good anti-leakage effect.

2. The use of a tapered thrust bearing is durable, low vibration, low noise and can withstand high speeds.

3 Compared with other colleagues' heads: Large exhaust air, low transfer, and low specific power.

4. Complete models: oil lubrication, no oil lubrication, automotive, nitrogen, refrigerant and so on.

5 High reputation, good quality and excellent performance are beneficial to customers' sales in the market.

6 12 professional lines, professional screw head manufacturer. Unlike the rest of the manufacturers only assembly capabilities, and no design and manufacturing.

7. Provide domestic and foreign screw compressor professional and technical personnel consulting services.







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