PT-CR Hollow Shaft Steering Gearbox with Keyway Spiral Bevel Right Angle Gearbox

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PT-CR Hollow Shaft Steering Gearbox with Keyway Spiral Bevel Right Angle Gearbox


PT-CR steering gearbox is with hollow output shaft and solid input shaft.The Hollow output design allows the axis to go through the hollow shaft directly without any installation accessories.


The gear adopts high strength SCM415 material with tooth surface hardness of HRC60 °~ HRC62 °,which makes the 90 degree gearbox rotate smoothly with low noise.The 90 degree servo gear box has excellent rigid structure for the output loading changes especially for big occasions.


PT-CR right angle gear box has multiple designs that earned patents across countries.PT-CR steering gearbox has six frame types: PT070A,PT085A,PT105A,PT125B,PT150B,PT180B. The ratio is 1:1,suitable for the transmission mechanism that requires to change the motion direction with the same speed.


Widely used in Printer, Belt Conveyors, Gantry Robot, Auto packing sealing machine, Packing machine ( vertical pillow), Packing machine ( horizontal pillow), Dispenser Robot, Loader robot etc.


Model Selection of PT-CR steering gearbox

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Technical Parameters

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