Extractor pathology lab Fume hood ductless laboratory equipment price list (62109826128)

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Product Overview


Extractor pathology lab Fume hood ductless laboratory equipment price list

Product Description

Product of laboratory equipment price list

XL series ductless fume hood meet NFX 15 211:2009 standard,( Certified by ANSI Z 9.5-201), also meet the ASHRAE 110: 1995 standard,and Chinese Standard JG/T385: 2012, passed the ISO9001. This fume hood can absorb all the toxic, harmful chemical liquids, gas, powder and other unknown toxic chemical substance. So it can protect the operator by providing a high efficient purification system.


4 ductless fume hood


Working Principle on laboratory equipment price list


a: Air Intake

The air can directly suction into the ductless fume hood, forming a negative pressure, the stable speed wind surface forms a natural barrier, isolating the chemicals, liquids, gas, powder etc from operators.


b: Comprehensive Purification System

The Fan System sucks the harmful gas and chemical powders up, then processed by the above purification system, only the cleaned air will be back to lab.


c: Cleaning Laboratory Air

Different HEPA filters are available according to your different purification demand. This professional ductless fume hood can effectively filtering toxic, harmful gas, organic solvent, and chemical powder, remove chemical residue, It also can be used to clean air and improve Lab cleanliness level.


Specifications of  laboratory equipment price list


Product NameAir Purified Chemical laboratory equipment price list








≥1.2mm Galvanized steel plain Sheet, Electrostatic spraying with epoxy resin, lead-free anti-corrosion coating.

LCD Screen

 7 inches, touch-sensitive, definition 1024*600

Real-time monitoring

Temperature and humidity reading, support setting parameter alarm level

Fan Controlling

Wind speed can flexible control, failure alarm

Filter monitoring

double layer filter, double VOC detector, one for detecting the lab air quality, the other for detecting filter condition, support setting an alarm value

Filtering System

Obey ASTM standard, strong ability to absorb acid gas, organic gas, HEPA H14 filter, 99.99% for organic solvent,99.995% for chemical powder

Lighting5W consuming, equal to 25W Fluorescent lamp,shielded with explosion-proof,moisture proof glass

Epoxy resin table top, anti-corrosion, anti-scratch, High temperature resistance, Wear-resistant

Remote monitoring

Fume hood working condition can be monitored remotely by a cellphone, support remote setting, alarm message send to app

Filters Available

SFGL OG organic filter, SFGL AG Inorganic Filter, SFGL FO Formaldehyde filter, SFGL AM Ammonia filter, HEPA H14 filter
ConformanceAFNOR NFX 15-211:2009 
Filtering Efficiency


 10 ductless fume hood


 Advantages on laboratory equipment price list


A: Without duct, convenient install, No waste gas output, new environment friendly

B: Various kinds of filters are available, widely application

C:  Advanced modular filtration technology, totally absorb harmful gas, dust, and chemical particles.

D: No air-condition wind consuming, high efficient,energy saving

E: Can be placed on lab table,or provide movable wheel base, easy carrying and installing


More Choices 

1. All-steel structure lab fume hood
2. FRP structure lab fume hood 
3. PP lab fume hood 
4. Stainless steel lab fume hood
5. Wood--steel structure lab fume hood


Company Information


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Factory Strength





 Q: Why choose your laboratory equipment price list?
A: Impact-resistant, Durable, Waterproof, Heat Resistant,Eco-friendly, Anticorrosive, Hygienic, Fire Proof, Corrosive-resistance, Scratch Resistant, Alkali Proof, Antistatic, Antibacterial,Convenient Carrying, Small Space Occupation, Easily Assembled


Q:What is the material of hume hood? 
A:Our fume hood is all steel, we also have PP and stainless steel fume hoods to meet your deifferent demand.


Q:How to pay the order?

A:Via Ali security pay, TT, or Western union.




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