Стальной барабан бункер ключ вилка гаечный ключ Открыватель ствола резка 200L ведро

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Steel Drum bung wrench plug spanner Opener barrel opener cutting 200L bucket

material : aluminum bronze or beryllium copper 

size :460mm

Application : open the 200L oil drum .

color : nature or customized 

Barrel opener, cap opener, barrel cutter

Explosion-proof barrel opener is specially provided for some easy and explosive workplaces, petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, mining, gas station, maintenance station, electronic and other industries, using explosion-proof barrel opener can ensure the smooth and safe completion of work.

The characteristics of explosion-proof barrel opener: explosion-proof barrel opener, also known as explosion-proof barrel opener wrench, is a tool for cutting the surface of barrel. The barrel with flammable materials can be opened by hand without any sparks when it is filled or dried. By using this tool, 200 kg (50 gallons) metal barrel lid can be opened easily, safely and quickly, and it will not be caused by prying in the process of opening. The barrel produces sparks. When the barrel is opened, the barrel remains clean and complete. The barrel cover and barrel body can be used. The blade material is spark-free alloy copper. The blade can be grinded, replaced and reused. At present, the process of barrel opener is advanced and improved to prevent black rust. It is not old-fashioned spray paint, and it will be easy to paint off.

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