OEM глубоко увлажняющая маска для лица с гиалуроновой коллагеном, биоцеллюлозная маска

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What is powerful moisturizing Biological Hydrogel Mask ?
Powerful moisturizing Biological Hydrogel Mask that is highly concentrated the high quality essence as gel type water solubility mask, has superior effects of nutrition supply, moisturizing, relaxing, elasticity because the active component having good influence on skin responds to skin temperature (higher temperature than sticked Hydrogel Mask) and absorbs to the skin deeply and vegetable ingredients are contained different from nonwoven fabrics. Powerful moisturizing Biological hydrogel mask makes aged and dry skin firm and moisturized while responding to skin’s heat.

· Powerful moisturizing, keeps max. 24 hrs moisturizing
· Instant cooling effect, excellent firming effect.
· Excellent Skin Elasticity
· Excellent Whitening Effect
· Excellent Functional Hydrogel Mask
· compare with Non-woven fabrics

The hydrogel mask using TCD (transdermal Cosmetic delivery)system and biological matrix technology, when mask attached to skin temperature, the gel state of macromolecule slowly changed to flow state macromolecule, The effective ingredients penetrate into the skin base.
The mask has 2 piece of upper and lower part of the face. It has protective plastic layers on top and bottom.With high elasticity and conformability of hydrogel, it can completely attach to the skin, which is a new experience. compared to traditional material.
And the temperature sensitivity is conducive in delivering the essential ingredients into skin base
Features Powerful Moisturizing Customized moisturizing effect through thermo responsive hydro gel
Water-soluble thermo responsive hydro gel delivers effective ingredients successfully while melted in the skin. It is melted on the skin from high temperature to low temperature while adhering on the face

Instant cooling effect
Control skin's temperature what is the reason of skin stress
It controls skin troubles and skin's temperature what cause excessive sebum. It soothes your
fatigued skin with its fresh cooling effect and leave it firm.

Amazing wearing
Adhered onto skin perfectly like 2nd skin
It is divided into 2 sheet for upper and lower and makes it better adhered on the skin successfully. It delivers effective
ingredients well and doesn't disturb to move while wearing.

Mild formula
Do not contain 6 kinds of stimulating ingredients
This all natural, plant based mask is producted without mineral oils, talcums, PG, animal ingredients, artificial pigments and GMO.

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