JK2828 LCR Meter with 20 Hz~1MHz Testing Frequency

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Product Overview




JK2828 high precision LCR Meter is a kind of multifunctional element parameters for the various electronic components inspection tester.With 7 inches 800 x480 color TFT LCD display, High speed and stability and more than 20 Hz – 1MHz frequency point and the accuracy of 0.05%, JK2828 is used for incoming inspection of components, quality of product line and goods inspection and laboratory measurement requirements etc.



 Brand new 32-bit processor core, data completely foreign first-class equipment

 7 inch true color TFT screen

 20Hz-1MHz test frequency

 0.05% of basic measurement accuracy, fast test (75 times/SEC)

 Graphics scanning analysis function, support/level/frequency /offset scan, insight into a feature to be tested/.

 Multi-parameter testing capabilities.

 The test voltage or current automatic level control of ALC function

 30 Ω, 50 Ω,100 Ω,10/CC four different signal source output impedance

 The built-in comparator,10 bins and bin counters

 10 spots list sweep function

 Internal 100 group set file, 500 U disk test file can be saved or invocation

0V, 1.5V and 2V internal DC bias voltage

 optional ±5V(±100mA)and 1A internal DC bias source

 Can be upgrade and update by U disk instrument software version

 U disk print screen, real-time data save, can support format FAT16, FAT32 file system

 Standard configuration:RS232C,USB HOST,USB DEVICE,HANDLER,Headphone Jack,Footswitch Jack

; Optional :GPIB,LAN







Test frequency

20 Hz-1MHz,0.01Hz resolution

20Hz-500kHz,0.01Hz resolution

Test parameter

| Z|, |Y|, C, L, X, B, R, G, D, Q, θ,DCR

Basic test accuracy


Equivalent circuit

Series ,parallel

Mathematical function

Absolute value deviation, percentage deviation

Range mode

Auto, Hold, manual

Trigger mode

Internal, Manual, External, Bus

Measurement speed(≥1kHz)

Fast: 75 time/second, Med: 12 time/second, Slow: 3 time/second

Averaging rate


Delay time

0—60s, n 1 ms step by step

Correction function

Open ,short, load

List sweep

10 points

Display mode

Direct,Δ,Δ%,V/I(V/I monitor)


800×480 RGB7inch 16: 9 TFT LCD display

Test signal

Output impedance

30 Ω, 50 Ω,100 Ω, 10 /CC selectable

Test level

Normal :5mV-2 V  Accuracy:10%,with step of 1 mV 

Constant level:10mV-1 V   accuracy :5%,with step of 1 mV

DC bias source




±5V(±100mA) Dc bias source option                      

1A:0-1A Dc bias current source option

Display range

|Z|, R, X 0.01mΩ —99.9999 MΩ

DCR      0.001 mΩ —99.9999 MΩ

|Y|, G, B 0.00001µS —99.9999S

C    0.00001pF —9.9999F

L     0.00001µH —9999.99H

D    0.00001 —9.9999

Q    0.00001 —9999.9

θ(DEG)  -179.999º —179.999º

θ(RAD)  -3.14159 —3.14159

Comparator function

10 bins: 9 pass bin, 1 fail bin, AUX bin


Four parameters can be chosen optionally measure and display at the same time

Curve scanning function

A variety of test conditions, the piece to be measured for graph scanning separation


Internal  storage,USB extended  storage


Standard : RS232C,HANDLER,USB HOST,USB DEVICE,headphone jack,Solid interface;Optional : GPIB,LAN

Size /weight

375mm(W)*135mm(H)*350mm(L),about 7 kg

Standard Accessories

26011B  4 terminal Kelvin test clip leads

26005B  4 terminal test fixture

26010         gilded shorting plate

Optional  Accessories

26009B  SMD test fixture

26008A  SMD Test box

26010          gilded shorting plate RS232 Communication software customization






Company Information

Changzhou Jinailian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. , established in 2000, is a private hi-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and marketing. After 20 years of development, Jinko has developed 30 varieties, including: LCR Digital Bridge series; capacitance and inductance measurement (sorting) series; leakage current tester series; DC low resistance tester, MOS tube tester, transistor tester, multiplex temperature tester, paperless recorder, electrical parameter measuring instrument, and other high-precision measuring instruments and testers. Other active products such as: DC stabilized voltage supply and high power switching power supply.



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