Factory cost diatomite in powder/ kieselguhr/bergmeal /diatomaceous earth celatom for filler

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Price:RUB 32,522.04 - RUB 47,538.19
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Product Description
Technical specifications for diatomite
silicon dioxide content
≥80 (﹪)
iron trioxide 
≤1.5 (﹪)
Moisture content
<5 (﹪)
PH value
Searches the rate
≤0.45 (﹪)
≤0.5 (﹪)
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Lingshou teyuan mineral processing plant is a company with more than 10 years of production experience, focusing on the production of various iron oxide pigments and various mineral products processing and production, focusing on the research and development of new products, has been adhering to the concept of creating "high quality products and the lowest price" for new and old customers at home and abroad


Advantages of using diatomite 1:pH value neutral, non-toxic, good suspension performance, strong adsorption performance, bulk density light, oil absorption rate 115%, fine degree in 325 mesh -- --500 mesh, good mixing uniformity, will not block agricultural machinery pipeline, can play in the soil moisture, loose soil, extend the efficacy of fertilizer time, promote the growth of crops.

Advantages of using diatomite 2: diatomite should be used as an additive in cement. Adding 5% diatomite in the production cement can improve ZMP, and SiO2 becomes active in cement, which can be used as rescue cement.

Advantages of diatomite application 3: excellent extensibility, high impact strength, tensile strength, tearing strength, light weight and soft internal wear, good compression strength and other aspects of good quality.

Advantages of using diatomite 4:pH value neutral, non-toxic, fineness 120 mesh to 1200 mesh, light and soft constitution, a quality filler in oil paint.Feed industry: pig, chicken, duck, goose, fish, birds, aquatic products and other feed additives.

Advantages of using diatomite 5: strong sun protection, soft and light constitution, can eliminate leather pollution balloon products high quality filler: capacity light, PH value is neutral, non-toxic, powder light soft and smooth, good strength performance, sun protection against high temperature.

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