1.5U intelligent monitoring type PDU power socket 24 bit C13 socket 32A input vertical installation 485Modbus RTU protocol casca

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No.performance parametertechnical index
1input characteristicsSingle phaserated input voltage110/220V   50/60HZ
   The maximum total load current32A
  Three phaserated input voltage380V   50/60HZ
   The maximum total load current3×16A
2Output characteristicsSingle phaseOutput voltage110/220VAC   50/60HZ
   The maximum total load current32A
  Three phaseOutput voltage380V   50/60HZ
   The maximum total load current3×16A
3Display PropertiesHot-swappableLCD, it displays the total input voltage, total current, total power etc.
  Display Accuracytotal voltageFull scale:300V  Accuracy:+2 character
resolution ratio:0.1V Response Time:400ms
   Total currentFull scale:32A   Accuracy: +1 character
resolution ratio:0.1A Response Time:400ms
   Total electric energyA constant: 1600imp / kWh   Level: 1
Resolution: 0.1kWh
   Temperatureresolution ratio: 0.1℃ ;
   Humidityresolution ratio: 0.1 ;
4physical propertyHot-swappable 
  Shell color 
5Installation methodsVertical fixed installation
6monitoring functionthe total load current monitoring
  the total input voltage monitoring
  the total load power monitoring
  the total electricity consumption monitoring
  the environmental temperature and humidity monitoring
7Setting FunctionThe total load current upper and lower limit settings
  temperature and humidity upper and lower limit settings
  address setting of email alarm
  HTTP Network service settings
  Network parameter settings (IP, gateway, mask, DNS)
8Alarm functionThe system alarmWhen the total load current exceeds the rated value
   When temperature, humidity exceeds the upper and lower limits
  Customize the AlarmsWhen the total load current exceeds a threshold
   Temperature, humidity exceeds the upper and lower limits
  Alarm modeBuzzer beep
   LCD digital flash
   Email is automatically sent to the system administrator
   SNMP Send alert status information.
   · Serial Port Communication background send the alarm status information
9Access methodWEB access control through IE;
  SNMP(V1)via standard network management workstation access control
  Telnet command line
10user managementSet the user name and password
11cascadingCan be cascaded for two products
12environmentOperating temperature0℃~55℃
  relative humidity10~90
  storage temperature-20℃ ~ +70℃

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