Natural purple spodumene translucent or transparent spodumene crystal mineral samples (62128130641)

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 Natural purple spodumene translucent or transparent spodumene crystal mineral samples 

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Spodumene is mainly composed of one lithium minerals, also known as type 2 spodumene. Monoclinic, crystals often has columnar, granular or plate. Color was gray, gray, green, purple or yellow and the like. Glass luster, streak colorless. Hardness of 6.5 to 7, the density of 3.03 ~ 3.22g / cm3. Spodumene mainly in lithium-rich granitic pegmatite, associated minerals are quartz, albite, feldspar and the like. When the crystal is heated or ultraviolet radiation will change color under the sun will lose luster. Rapid change at around 1000 ℃ firing to the β-type spodumene, and a thermal cracking properties.


1. Composition: lithium aluminum silicate LiAl (SiO3) 2, as a

Pyroxene group minerals.

2. crystallization characteristics: monoclinic columnar crystals, flat columnar crystals, often corroded phenomenon, and there are obvious triangular surface prints.

3. Color: pink - purple, yellow, green, colorless and so on.

4. Variety:

a purple spodumene: pink variants, is the famous spodumene varieties;

b spodumene: yellow (with a shallow depth), light blue or green;

c Tsui chromium spodumene: darker green, crystal is very small, only produced in North Carolina, USA.

5. Mechanical Properties: H 7 SG 3.18 two complete cleavage angle at 90o, due to the angle of joint development, so spodumene processing extremely difficult, the fracture is stepped.

6. Optical properties: biaxial (+) RI 1.66-1.68 DR0.015, low dispersion 0.017, multicolor strong, tricolor of the more obvious, purple spodumene pink - purple - a colorless, spodumene is Green - yellow and green - blue and green, in order to obtain the best results, meditate top surface should be perpendicular to the long axis of the gem crystals.

7. Luminescence: purple spodumene: under LW pink to orange hair orange X-rays, but also phosphorescence; issued yellowish green spodumene LW orange colored light, X-rays emitting strong.

8. Occurrence Origin: produced in the granitic pegmatite; the main origin of Brazil, Madagascar, the United States, China and Xinjiang.

Multicolor: three-color significantly

Hardness: 6.5-7 (more rigid)

Inclusions: crystal inclusions, since the development of cleavage visible triangular pit, visible break at the stepped, if the presence of fissures parallel arrayed visibility.

The main origin and purpose
Famous origin of California, Minas Gerais, Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan, Myanmar, China's Xinjiang and other places. Department of pyroxene group minerals most important gem minerals. In addition, the refining industry is also used as a lithium raw material. Purple spodumene, because it contains manganese and presented like lavender lilac, in 1902, discovered by a Dr. Kong Sai became a gem.

Spodumene (Kunzite) belongs to a pyroxene, prolific in granitic pegmatites, sometimes coarse crystals can form in the United States of Montenegro (Black Hills) up to 14.3 m had found a huge spodumene (Kunzite) crystals. Spodumene (Kunzite) is extracted from the lithium element of industrial quality ore source, but beautiful colors and crystal clear spodumene (Kunzite) (green spodumene, purple spodumene) is used as a gem material, usually gem spodumene can be more than one karat weight, more than 5 kt spodumene are not uncommon.

Currently on the market is more to see pink or pale purple spodumene (Kunzite), occasionally we can see a lighter green spodumene (Kunzite), but the color is not stable, exposure to light or high temperatures next, the color will fade very quickly, such spodumene (Kunzite) actually is the result of irradiation. The natural dark green spodumene (Kunzite) color is due to chromium elements, so the color is very stable, relatively high value, but very rare, called the Hidden Stone took it abroad.


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