Carbonized solid bamboo flooring for indoor floor , carbonized vertical,100%bamboo

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Product Overview


One of the earliest bamboo flooring manufactory in China

Eco-friendly Bamboo
Solid Materials:

Bamboo is the fastest growing grass plant, it only takes about 4-6 years to mature.

Bamboo is highly renewable & recyclable resource. It is no need to replant after harvesting because the root system ensures that bamboo will re-grow rapidly. Unlike is Environment friendly and protection.

And it's Beautiful,Durable,many grains looking.

20Years factory

Eco-friendly Bamboo
Strand Woven Material:

Our bamboo flooring is finished with eight coats of UV Treffert which makes the flooring resistant to abrasion, chemical and
stain, fire, indentation.
It's high Hardness,high density, Greater than many woods, including popular flooring choices like oak and maple.

960*96*15MM/1850*130*14MM OTHERS

Company Profile

Established in 2002, Hangzhou Ecomax Bamboo Products Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of modern bamboo products that covers an area of more than 70,000 square meters. At only 45km from Hangzhou, and 230km from Shanghai, our company enjoys convenient transport links and is currently exporting worldwide. With several senior technicians and advanced German and Taiwanese equipment,including a pressing production line, automatic UV finishing line and quality control equipment, we can produce over 500,000 square meters of desktops ,furnitures,flooring per annum. Furthermore, having established relations with numerous raw material supply bases in
the provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Fujian, we are ensured of a steady supply of high quality materials. Our company makes every effort to maintain its high level of quality, and inspects raw materials as well as finished products. During production we use European E1-level glues, Zero Formaldehyde F (4 star) glues and German wear resistant UV paint, all of which conforms to environmental protection standards. In addition, all of our quality indexes surpass the Chinese standard LY/T-1573-2000 for environmentally friendly products. Honesty and Reputation' is our principle, and 'High Quality and Customer Satisfaction' our pursuit. If you are interested in any of our products, or are searching for a supplier to fill your OEM order,please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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Our Advantages

1. Our factory direct prices:
All of our factory direct prices will be more helpful to you in the bamboo marketing than the others.
2. Flexible payment term:T/T and L/C at sight are welcomed.
3. 100% inspection quality standard:All of our production processings from the raw materials to the final finished products are 100% inspected by QA and QC team to assure 100% good quality bamboo products to the customers.
4. Timely delivery:Average 15-20 days will make you catch the marketing opportunities at first time.
5. Skillful custom-made products: Our R&D team are very skillful on all the custom-made products with the detailed requirements on the design, color, logo,design,package, carton printing etc.
6. Satisfied service under 18 years’experience:Our high effective and 18 years’experienced team will help you to focus on the different bamboo products forcasts.
7. Face to face meeting and talking in the show: We have attended Canton Fair and overseas exhibitions in different countries these years. It will be very good to meet and talk with the customers face to face in the show, to understand our bamboo products and play online orders.


1.Why should I choose Ecomax bamboo flooring over a hardwood floor?
There are many advantages to using bamboo flooring as compared to hardwood flooring. Firstly, bamboo flooring is an
environmentally friendly product. The time to maturity for bamboo is much shorter than the decades it takes for hardwood forests to mature. Each year, one "mother tree" in the makes several new stems that grow to full length in a few months and to mature hardness in about five years. Secondly, our bamboo flooring has higher hardness, so it is more durable than hardwood flooring.Third, bamboo flooring can be installed using exactly the same tools and methods as hardwood flooring. Hardwood installers and contractors need no additional tools, materials, or training to install bamboo flooring. Additionally, bamboo flooring has better grain and is more elegant and graceful than hardwood flooring, and in most cases is much less expensive.
2.What kind of finish does Ecomax bamboo flooring use and what are the virtues of the finish?
ECOMAX bamboo flooring is finished with eight coats of UV cured urethane including aluminum oxide, which makes the flooring resistant to abrasion, stains, indentation and oiling. Bamboo flooring with this finish has also has the virtue of electrostatic prevention. This finish is virtually maintenance free apart from regular sweeping/vacuuming.

3.What's the moisture content of Ecomax bamboo flooring?
Ecomax bamboo flooring is kiln dried and plastic sealed before packing, and its interior moisture content is controlled within 6%-12%.

4.How do I maintain my Ecomax bamboo flooring?
(1).Keep the bamboo floor clean, and use a soft damp cloth to scrub the floor gently.
(2).Avoid large amounts of water. Should a spill occur, remove it quickly with a dry cloth or very slightly damp mop.
(3).Make use of doormats at entrances to prevent dust and sand from being carried in. Clean the doormat regularly.
(4).Protect the floor from furniture legs and do not walk on the floor with hard soled or high-heeled shoes.
(5).Depending to the amount of traffic, wax or varnish the floor every few years to keep the high gloss finish.
(6).Keep indoor temperature and humidity reasonably consistent.
(7).Avoid long periods of direct sunlight.

5.What colors are available?
Ecomax bamboo flooring has two main colors. One is natural blond color and the other is carbonized brown color. Carbonization is a steaming process, whereby the bamboo is heated to brown the natural sugars in the bamboo.

6.Why has bamboo flooring recently become more and more popular?
Bamboo flooring is made from a natural resource which is renewable and recyclable. Buildings, barns, ships, and other structures made of bamboo often find a second life in bamboo flooring. As people have become more aware of their impact on the environment,bamboo has emerged as a beautiful, durable, natural floor which is more environmentally friendly than traditional floors. Also,because the bamboo "forest" renews itself after only a few years, less land is required to produce bamboo flooring and it can be offered at a more attractive price than traditional hardwoods, and the type of bamboo used is not part of the panda diet. Finally,bamboo flooring is a good choice for a healthy home as it creates less dust and potentially harmful chemical emissions than many types of flooring.

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