Factory Price Lime Production Line Vertical Shaft Rotary Kiln (62129210551)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Vertical shaft kiln, is used for calcination limestone, it's the most important equipment in lime production line.

Due to has low energy consumption, less cover area, less investment, wide applicability fuel, and more advantages, it was widely used in metallurgy, construction materials, calcium carbide, nanometer calcium carbonate, aerated concrete, sugaring, etc.

Product Process

1. The loader loads the qualified raw fuel into the limestone silo and the coal silo, and then transports it to the storage bins through belt transmission .

2.The lower parts of the storage bins have automatic weighing hoppers. After weighing according to the amount set by the computer, the limestone and coal are mixed. The mixed material is lifted by the skip car through the inclined bridge to the top of the vertical shaft lime kiln, and then is evenly sprinkled into the vertical lime kiln through the loading equipment and the feeding equipment.

3. The furnace charge is slowly moved downward by its own weight, and successively passes through the tropical zone, the calcined zone and the cooling zone.

4. In the downward movement process, complex heat exchange between the furnace charge and the hot rising gas stream, accompanied by the decomposition of limestone and the growth and development of the crystal grains of quicklime.

5. When the whole process is completed, it is also cooled by the combustion air to 40 ~ 60 °C, and then discharged to the finished belt outside the furnace by the unloader without air leakage. The lime is transported to the finished silo by a multi-hopper elevator.


Technical parameters of lime production line:

Technical parameters of metallurgical active vertical shaft kiln:

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Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Corporation, located at National Sustainable Development Experiment Area, Mengzhuang Town, Huixian City, Henan Province, China, was initially built in 1958 and restructured into limited liability Company from township collective enterprise in 2002.

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