Shrimp and Tilapia RAS indoor intensive fish farming equipment recirculating aquaculture system for farms fish

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Product Overview


Shrimp and Tilapia RAS indoor intensive fish farm equipment recirculating aquaculture system for fish faming

Recirculating aquaculture system

RAS are used in home aquaria and for fish production,shrimp production or other speci where water exchange is limited and the use of biofiltration is required to reduce ammonia toxicity. Other types of filtration and environmental control are often also necessary to maintain clean water and provide a suitable habitat for fish.

The main benefit of RAS is the ability to reduce the need for fresh, clean water while still maintaining a healthy environment for fish. To be operated economically commercial RAS must have high fish stocking densities, and many researchers are currently conducting studies to determine if RAS is a viable form of intensive aquaculture.


● Reduced water requirements as compared to raceway or pond aquaculture systems
● Reduced land needs due to the high stocking density
● Site selection flexibility and independence from a large, clean water source
● Reduction in wastewater effluent volume
● Increased biosecurity and ease in treating disease outbreaks
● Ability to closely monitor and control environmental conditions to maximize production efficiency. Similarly,  independence from weather and variable environmental conditions. 

RAS Process
RAS Water Treatment Processes

A series of treatment processes is utilized to maintain water quality in intensive fish farming operations. These steps are often done in order or sometimes in tandem. After leaving the vessel holding fish the water is first treated for solids before entering a biofilter to convert ammonia, next degassing and oxygenation occur, often followed by heating/cooling and sterilization. Each of these processes can be completed by using a variety of different methods and equipment, but regardless all must take place to ensure a healthy environment that maximizes fish growth and health. 

Drum Filer

Be used for the Solids Filtration

Able to remove 42%~75% of the total particales from the aquaculture water vlume.

Protein Skimmer

Be used for improving water quality

Removing fine organic matters and dissolved organics efficiently.

RAS Application

The RAS is a high density indoor aquaculture system and the fish species of eWater RAS successful applications 

including the Mandarin fish, Spotted bass, Turbot Fish, Lobster,Vannamei, King grouper,Tilapia and so on.

Successful Case Show

RAS used to grow Pabda in Bangladesh

Farming cycle time: 120 days (fingerlings to 80 grams for 

Biomass ( stock density): 80 kg /m
RAS water volume: 285 m
RAS water flow: 240 m

RAS used to grow Tilapia in Jordan

Three tanks for grow-out and one tank for harvesting

Water volume: 1182 m³ 
12 small tanks for fingerlings nursery, each tank 36m³
Biomass(stock density) at harvesting : 100 kg /m³

RAS water flow: 1000 m³ /hour

About eWater

Company  Profile

Zhongshan eWater Aquaculture Equipment Technology Co., Ltd is a professional company engaged in design, production and sales of Recirculating Aquaculture System as well as aquaculture equipment. Ewater is focused on the development and manufacturing of industrial recirculating aquaculture system solutions, and its product design and production, including drum filters, protein skimmers, biological filters, aeration  equipment, disinfection equipment, heat pumps and water quality monitor equipment.

We work with top-level aquaculture research institutes and experts to develop best polutions for our customers in quacultrure industry. Our engineering team is committed to develop best practices for each equipment and RAS based on customers' needs. We continue to be reliable and honest in what we do and how we act.Our mission is to improve sustainability and profitability for customers, and be a valuable partner for customers' long-term business.
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Our Service
Great Service is Our Misson

● Consulting service available and custom designs are welcomed!

● We offer practical solutions, premium quality products along side competitive prices and prompt delivery.

● All the equipment are guaranteed for 2 years and life-time warranty except for the wearing parts.

● Support onsite installation and sending engineer for debugging on demands.

● After-sales service and content: If the quality problems occur; even the equipment lose the ability of working, we will  repair or replace them free of charge during the warranty period. The product is life-long maintenance and we will provide all-round services except for factors such as artificial damage or irresistible force.

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Shrimp and Tilapia RAS indoor intensive fish farm equipment recirculating aquaculture system for fish faming
Shrimp and Tilapia RAS indoor intensive fish farm equipment recirculating aquaculture system for fish faming

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