Emulsifier e473 sucrose fatty acid ester powder

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Emulsifier e473 sucrose fatty acid ester powder

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sucrose fatty acid ester


Mono-, di- and tri-esters of sucrose with food fatty acids, prepared from sucrose and methyl and ethyl esters of food fatty acids or by extraction from sucroglycerides. Only the following solvents may be used for the production: dimethyl formamide, dimethyl sulfoxide, ethyl acetate, isopropanol, propylene glycol, isobutanol and methyl ethyl ketone.


Not less than 80%


Stiff gels, soft solids or white to slightly greyish white powders








Sparingly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol

Test for fatty acids

Passes test

Test for sugar

Passes test



Sulfated ash

Not more than 2%
Test 1 g of the sample as directed under the Test for Ash (Sulfated ash, Method I)

Acid value

Not more than 6

Free sucrose

Not more than 5%

Dimethyl formamide

Not more than 1 mg/kg

Dimethyl sulfoxide

Not more than 2 mg/kg

Ethyl acetate, isopropanol and propylene glycol


Not more than 350 mg/kg, singly or in combination


Not more than 10 mg/kg


Not more than 10 mg/kg

Methyl ethyl ketone

Not more than 10 mg/kg


Not more than 10 mg/kg
Prepare a sample solution as described for organic compounds in the Limit test, using 10
 m g of lead ion (Pb) in the control

Applications of sucrose fatty acid ester:

1. The degree of esterification of sucrose fatty acid esters can affect its hydrophilic and lipophilic balance (HLB).

2. For specific use, the sucrose ester is usually mixed and wetted with a small amount of water (or oil, ether, etc.), and then the required amount of water (oil, ethanol, etc.) is added, and heated appropriately to fully dissolve the sucrose ester. dispersion.

3. The HLB value of sucrose ester can be adjusted by the content of monoester, diester and triester. It can be used in almost all fat-containing foods. The specific application is as follows:

(1) It is used for meat products and surimi products to improve the moisture content and the mouthfeel of the product, and the dosage is 0.3% to 1% (HLB1 to 16).

(2) For baking food, it can increase the toughness of the dough, increase the volume of the product, make the pores fine and uniform, soft in texture and prevent aging, and the dosage is 0.2% to 0.5% of the flour.

(3) It is used for biscuits and cakes to stabilize the fat emulsion, prevent precipitation, and improve the quality of the product. The dosage is 0.1% to 0.5% (HLB7).

(4) For chocolate, it can inhibit crystallization and prevent blooming. The dosage is 0.2% to 1.0% (HLB value 3 to 9).

(5) It is used for bubble gum to make it easy to knead, improve chewing feeling, and improve flavor and softness. The addition amount is 0.1% to 0.2% (HLB value 5 to 11) of the gum base.

(6) Used for ice cream, increasing emulsification and dispersibility, increasing specific volume, improving thermal stability, formability and mouthfeel. For grease, 1.0% to 10%.

(7) It is used for condensed milk and whipped cream to stabilize the emulsion, which can prevent water separation and increase the expansion force of the cream. The dosage is 0.1% to 0.5% (HLB1 to 16).

(8) It is used in margarine to improve the compatibility of cream and water and is effective against splashing. The dosage is 0.1% to 0.5% (HLB 1-3).

(9) It is used for emulsifying essence and solid essence, and is most suitable for stable emulsification of lemon oil, orange oil and grape oil to prevent loss of perfume in products. The dosage is 0.05% to 0.2% (HLB 7 to 16).

(10) It is used for preservation of fresh film of poultry, eggs, fruits and vegetables, has antibacterial effect, keeps fruits and vegetables fresh, and prolongs storage period. The dosage is 0.3% to 2.5% (HLB 5 to 16).

It can also be used for soy milk, frozen foods, sauces, drinks, rice, noodles, instant noodles, dumplings, etc.

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