West Tune WTVP-21Pro 20cfm High vacuum pump 2stage With oil mist filter

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West Tune WTVP-21Pro 21CFM Corrosion Resist Commercial Grade 2-Stage Pump


West Tune WTVP-21Pro it is a high speed, motor direct drive dual-stage oil sealed rotary vane pump, has a reasonable structure design for reliable long time continuous operation. It is an basic equipment to obtain vacuum and can be used to pump inactive gas within the scope of low vacuum and a small amount of non-condensable gas.


WTVP-21Pro could make your equipment's vacuum down to 0.3 micron in minutes. Standard with all necessary parts and a high capacity exhaust oil mist filter which also returns trapped pump oil back to the pump and makes the pump quieter to run.


Applications: extraction & distillation, coating, refrigeration, freeze drying, sterilization, instruments analysis, leak detection equipment, heat treatment metallurgy, etc.




Flow rate Characteristics:






WTVP series dimensions:



Exploded drawing:




1. Reasonable structure & corrosion resist design for reliable long time operation

2. Two-Shift adjustable gas ballast valve

3. Dual protection of oil anti-sucking back ensures vacuum system from oil pollution when pump stops running and needs to be easily restarted.

4. Forced oil circulation system consisted of oil  pump and constant pressure oil supply mechanism ensures stable running of the pump.

5. Less components are used, easy to maintain and repair.

6. Standard with all necessary parts and oil mist filter





Electrical requirements

 110V 60Hz, single phase, 750W

Pumping rate

 21.2 cfm

Ultimate vacuum without gas ballast

 0.3 micron/millitorr

Ultimate vacuum with gas ballast

 6 micron/millitorr

Inlet/outlet connection

 KF25 flange

Oil volume

 2 liter / 2.1 quart

Motor rate

 1720 rpm

Working temperature

 5 to 40°C

Unit/shipping dimensions (LxWxH)

 21x7.5x12" / 29.5x9.5x16.5"

Unit/shipping weight

 95 Lb / 105 Lb

Recommended oil

 Ultra-grade 19


Noise level

 < 58 dB

CE compliance



 Two years


Packing list:

packing list.png



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