Halogen Moisture Content Meter/analyzer

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Product Overview


Halogen Moisture Content Meter/analyzer



The rapid moisture meter is equipped with high-precision weighing sensor and efficient halogen lamp heating device on the basis of electronic balance, which can achieve fast and accurate moisture measurement.Halogen moisture meter is a reliable choice for determining the moisture content of your products.

This durable and cost-effective moisture meter benefits from our extensive experience in precision instrument manufacturing and years of moisture measurement expertise.

Products are widely used in food, tea, powder, rubber, chemical raw materials, grain, pharmaceutical, electronic and semiconductor industries, the sample contains free water test.


Halogen Moisture Content Meter/analyzer

Product Advantages

Enter the temperature and time adjustment with one key, and the buzzer will prompt the end of heating.

A rear electromagnetic balance force sensor is adopted.

Parameter presetting for multi-group weighing and parameter prestorage for multi-group formula;

With minimum weight value display, real-time clock display and graphic data printing;

Powerful Linux operating system, support online update system files, achieve real-time update of balance software;

Intelligent 7-inch capacitive touch screen, intuitive Chinese operation interface and shortcut icon menu navigation, easy to operate;

Users can use USB mouse or wireless mouse to operate, as simple as operating a computer.

The scale is equipped with USB interface, and users can export data in Excel format through USB disk, which can be converted into various file formats.

Advanced user management function, the administrator can set different menu access rights, protect important weighing parameter Settings are not modified;

Equipped with advanced infrared sensor, can avoid contact with the balance for common functions of operation, improve weighing efficiency, reduce contact with the balance panel;

The unique split-type design separates the display unit from the weighing unit to avoid the impact of vibration on the balance when the key is operated, and can be used to monitor the weighing process from multiple angles.

Built-in RS232, RS485 communication interface, can realize the balance and computer, micro printer, automation equipment connection.Weighing results can also be transmitted to other open applications;

Automatic calibration system, to ensure accurate weighing: when the temperature of 1.5 ℃ or calibration time more than 2 hours, balance to start the calibration function, avoid the not regular calibration or external calibration weights the underlying causes of inaccurate, users of weighing the result more accurate and reliable, and to reduce unnecessary redundant operations.


Halogen Moisture Content Meter/analyzer

Technical Specification



Biggest weighing


Moisture readability


Calibration mode

Automatic calibration

Overall dimensions


Largest load


Operating temperature range


Heating source

Halogen lamp(ring 450w)

Measuring disc diameter

Φ90mm(Stainless steel)

Warmed up


Heating temperature range

60-160(interval 1℃)

Drying procedure

Standard heating, ladder heating, weightlessness heating mode

Stop way

Automatic stop, manual stop, scheduled stop


2pcsUSB connector,1pcsRS232connector

Touch screen

7 inch touch screen

Product character

Trace moisture, high repeatability, storage, user management, touch screen control, Chinese and English functions



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