PVA material eco friendly water soluble film laundry detergent capsule 3in1 (62140500284)

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Product Overview


Product Description

 Product name:charm perfume laundry liquid bright color protection laundry detergent liquid
 Model:P1S0001 Weight: 10-15g/pcs
 Aroma: fruit aroma,coco,rose, lily,etc cloth washing: 8-13 pcs
Packaging: box or bag Shipping packing: carton (45.2*28*32cm), customized



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Company Information


  Foshan Polyva Material Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development and application services of water-soluble packaging materials since 2005. Industrialization promotion began in 2014, with an existing production base of 50,000 square meters and more than 300 employees, providing customers with one-stop solutions and technical support for water-soluble packaging.

   Polyva focuses on water-soluble packaging application services, using water-soluble films and water-soluble packaging equipment as carriers to provide customers with water-soluble packaging technical support. In 2015, the first automatic bead packaging machine was successfully trial-produced. In 2018, the development of the dream bead packaging machine was completed, and the composite packaging technology was formed; in 2019, the powder-liquid mixed water-soluble packaging was introduced to the market. So far, seven formulation systems and 30 basic grades of water-soluble films have been formed, which are used in daily chemical packaging, pesticide packaging, industrial product packaging, clothing packaging and other fields, and are equipped with a variety of packaging solutions for various application scenarios.

   We do the ODM & OEM service of water soluble pods, the laundry detergent pod is main product now.The sales of products in the domestic and foreign markets have steadily increased, and are exported to Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania. It strengthened the foundation for Polyva to move towards internationalization.polyva_08.jpgpolyva_09.jpg 







Q.: What are the main application of water soluble pods ?

A.: The main application of laundry detergent pods, shampoo pods,bay washing pods,

Dishwasher washing pods, and other pods.


Q. What is the advantage of PVA water soluble pods over the regular detergent packaging ?

A.: Using the single dose detergent packet is more convenient, more rational, more scientific and greener


Q. What is MOQ and price, lead time?

A: different type and functions will have different price and MOQ, pls send inquiry to us get more details. And the lead time is about 20-30 days


Q:Is there a certification, sample?
A:Yes, there are company certification and product safety certification, you can contact us and get related information. We provide FREE samples.


Q: what are the special advantages of your products?

A: our company's product raw material USES all is harmless material, assure user's safety.

Our products are more suitable for packaging machine and improve packaging efficiency.

Our company's product weatherability reaches the same level of foreign products, as far as possible to reduce the customer's use of environment and storage environment requirements.

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