Uv Optical Pass Filter Glass Oem Fiber Coupled Uv Led 375nm For Diode Laser >70% Or Oem 95mm Uv Lens Filters

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Product Overview


Company Profile

Company story
Optolong Optics Co.,ltd supply fluorescence filters and astronomical filters form 1999, we have distributor around the word and had 20 years of experience in the filter industry, mainly including standard products for fluorescence filters, OEM products, and standard products for astronomical filters. Regarding the company details,please browse our website:
Astronomical Filters website:http://optolong.com/cms/index/index.html
Fluorescence Filters website:https://optolongfilter.com/

Product Description

Bandpass filters introduce:
Brief Introcuction of Bandpass Filters Bandpass filter through a designated waves,at the same time ,cutoff other disturbing light.

Bandpass filter types producted by OPTOLONG including long pass filter, short pass filter, laser bandpass filter, fluorescent bandpass filter, multibandpass filter and negative filters.

Widely applied to the field of laser, license plate recognition,vehicle wheel alignment, biochemical analysis, the CCD digital imaging, face / iris recognition, security cameras, infrared touch screen,somatosensory games and other high-tech optical instruments.


B270, BK7,,JGS,Flat glass,Color glass or Customize as needed
CWL accuracy
above± 2nm
10nm ± 2nm
FWHM accuracy
above± 2nm
Blocking range
Blocking depth
3×3~55×55 mm
Surface/Coating Quality
Bandpass transmittance
> 70% of the common
Edge Treatment(selectable)
Mounted in Black Anodized Aluminum Ring

Our Advantages

Company and main product introduction
Company profile: We are a china manufacturer of astronomy filters, fluorescence filters and microscops cubes since 1999.We can customize 240-1200nm optical filter products Main products are as follows:
1. Bandpass Filters 200-2000nm for optical sensor and imaging processing application.
2. Fluorescent filters standard: Bandpass : DAPI, FITC, TRITC, TexasRed, Cy5, FAM, ROX, HEX ; Longpass : LP-DAPI, LP-FITC , LP-TRITC , LP-TexasRed ; Fish series: Fish-Aqua , Fish-Green ,Fish-Orange,Fish-Red ; Dual Band : Green- Orange ; Triple Band :DAPI-Green-Orange.
3. Fluorescence filters OEM: OEM exitation filter, emission filter, dichroic filter for fluorescence detection instrument.
4. Astronomy filters standard:L-Pro, L-eNhance, L-eXtreme, L-Ultimate, Moon Skyglow, Clear Sky, UHC, LRGB, SII, H-alpha, OIII, CLS, CLS-CCD, ND filter ,SHO-3nm,SHO-7nm,UV IR Cut,IR Pass 685nm,Planet filter set.
5. Beam splitter, Anti-reflect mirror , High-reflect mirror, Optical window,Longpass filter, Shortpass filter.

Advantage of Optolong Fluorescence Filter
Multi cavity deposition makes thin film layers to be more than 300.
Durable hard coating film layers.
More than OD5 blocking depth on one single substrate.
Transmission above 90%.
Bandwidth can narrow to 3nm.
Unique design to control rectangularity, overlap.
Wide angle of incidence change.
Suitable for sunlight and other bright light interference work.
The optical signal attenuation rate is small, effectively improve the working distance and light intensity.
Can be directly coating or glue in the infrared transmittance glass by the visible light, rapidly increase the cutoff rate, the vertical incidence in strong light without penetration, light transmission rate is less than 0.2%. And to ensure that working in large angle,and short wavelength shift phenomenon reduction.
More than 20 years’ experience in the production of optical filter,imported coating machine to produce, IAD ion assisted deposition technology and to ensure that the low temperature drift and film firmness stronger.



Our service

1. Dimesion size, thickness up to customer requirements
2. Many material could be choosed, like BK7, Fused Silica
3. AR HR DLC coating or as your requestv
4. After-sales guarantee service,Optolong is responsible for every piece of optical filter sold

Packing & Delivery

1,Super clean workshops,protected with PE Film,no need to clean,available at any time,with lowest labor cost;
2,Wrapping with vaccum,damp-proof,dust-proof bag;
3,Plastic box,High-density carton,with protective sponge inside;

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